2016 Highlights – Ephori London – Men’s luxury custom beaded bracelets




2016 was a very special year for us because this was the year that our brand was born. Our journey actually started at the beginning of this year when we decided that we wanted to bring something different, something special, something that stood for a positive cause to the world of men’s fashion.




We have always been fascinated by 3d printing and wanted to implement this in our designs. Personalisation is the next big thing in fashion and we wanted to be a part of this. It was a matter of combining traditional hand-making with cutting edge, 3d printing technology.

personalised-custom-black-agate-natural-stone-shamballa-bracelet-for-men-spiritual-healing-bracelets-for-menWe spent the early months of this year brainstorming what we wanted our brand to represent, what we were hoping to achieve through Ephori London and what difference we wanted to make in men’s fashion.




Inner Peace

Give Back



In June, we launched the first two colours from our Canterbury collection, the Black Agate and Brown Tiger Eye natural stone bead bracelets.


Black Agate Canterbury Series Bracelet



Gold Tiger Eye Canterbury Bracelet






Shortly after this launch, in July, we made it into the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Magazine. This was a great achievement for us which we are very proud of 🙂





Thanks to your support, within two months, we raised enough to make our first contribution to charity. One of our visions and indeed one of the reasons for creating Ephori London was to make a difference in the world.

In September, we reached a major milestone when we made our first contribution – a meal for 50 children in an orphanage in Uganda.






This inspired us to introduce more colours into the Canterbury collection. Throughout this period, we kept improving the design of the bracelet as we wanted it to be a long-lasting accessory that you could style for a long time to come. As with all things, improvements were made and we re-designed our bracelet collection.







In November, we decided to take the bold step of undertaking a crowdfunding campaign to bring even more colours to you from this collection. This campaign will be launching in January and we have spent the last two months working very hard to make this campaign a reality. Here is a behind the scenes moment that was captured during our video shoot for the campaign.






December has ended on a high note as we were featured in both the IntouchRugby and Exposure Magazines. It couldn’t have ended any better for us.






Thank you for being a part of these highlights – none of this would have been possible without you. We hope you can stay with us on this journey as we grow. We will be launching our crowdfunding campaign next month and we would love your support. If you love our products and what we stand for, please do share with friends and family. We will be very grateful.







To celebrate the launch of our new collection, we are giving away free bracelets. Simply invite your friends and earn free bracelets as your friends sign up!





We hope that 2017 brings all the joy, success and happiness to you and your family! Happy New Year!