Monthly Archives: January 2017

Men’s Beaded Bracelets – Why Black is such a popular colour


When it comes to style, men love black. Period. Whether it’s a suit, wallet, bag or even beaded bracelets, black is always the winning colour. You would hope that as it comes to spring or summer, men may choose to be a bit more colourful atleast with their wrists (we mean wear colourful beaded bracelets), but […]

Staying stylishly warm this winter


Given it’s the winter season, the days and nights are quite chilly leaving little room to show off those amazing shirts you bought. It would be wise to dress up warmly; But how to do this stylishly? We sum up a few tips below to dress up warm whilst still looking smart. Cozy winter overcoats […]

2017 Goals: Re-discover Happiness.


RE-DISCOVERING HAPPINESS Happiness. It sounds so simple. It’s easy to be happy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to be happy. Yet, so many of us are  caught up in work and our busy lives, we forget what it means to be happy. We were born happy, some of us grew […]