Monthly Archives: February 2017

Bespoke Custom Initials Bracelets


If you have been following our journey from the beginning, you’ll have noticed that we are very keen on personalisation and uniqueness. Our first products were bespoke bracelets that are centered around personalisation such as the custom initials bracelets. Custom bracelets are our specialty and we want you to be involved in designing and customising your bracelets as much […]

5 ways to command power/respect through style


When you are successful in your job/business, you are likely to command power and respect straight away. But one thing that we always notice is successful people always dress smart (unless you work in silicon valley and are working on something techy). They are not only successful but they look successful.     In fact, […]

Luxury winter holidays


February is almost over but in the meantime we are still stuck in winter. Hate to say it, but it is still cold. However, we do like to make the most of the seasons, so we have put together a list of our top 5 luxury activities/holidays that you can do while winter lasts.   […]

Why are blue tiger eye beaded bracelets so mesmerising?


Out of all the colours in our beaded bracelets collection, we find our blue tiger eye beaded bracelets the most mesmerising. Our fans tell us the same thing. What is it about the blue tiger eye beads that draws us to them? Is there something about the colour blue? Is it to do with the […]

Bracelets of the week 15/02/17


And we are back with our favourite post – bracelets of the week! 🙂 This week we have picked out four bracelets/bracelet combinations to wear with your watch which we are totally in love with. Let’s get right to it.   1. Red And Gold Beaded Combo Bracelets for Men     Given Valentine’s day […]

What to wear to your Valentines date


Valentines day is just around the corner. You’ve got that special date planned but now it’s time to figure out what to wear (Let’s keep this “U” rated). Depending on the date you have planned, we have a few suggestions that will make you look at the top of your game.   Dinner date at […]

Last minute Valentine’s day date ideas


We are in the second week of February and Valentine’s day is already upon us! What?? Yup, time flies! It was just the start of the year, wasn’t it? Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you have not had the time to plan something. You could always book something now, it would be expensive but perhaps […]

Is wearing men’s jewellery taboo?


Men’s jewellery has been on the rise for a few years now and it is becoming more widely acceptable. Yet we still see a lot of men who are uncomfortable wearing jewellery. Why is this and how did it become this way? “Men are not supposed to wear jewellery” – where did this presumption come […]