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Personalised Men’s Bracelets


Today, we want to mull over our personalised men’s bracelets. Why are we vouching for personalisation and why are most of our men’s bracelets personalised? Well, because personalisation is the next big disrupter in fashion. Personalisation has already started taking root in the fashion world, it is no longer something new and novel, however, as […]

5 Must Have Men’s Accessories For Spring


Spring is finally here and it’s time to pick those men’s accessories which will give your personal style a boost. Men’s accessories are the small details that can make such a big difference to your wardrobe. They can change your style in an instant without having to change your entire look.   1) Sunglasses   We can […]

Men’s Bracelets of the week 20/03/17


This week we have come across some beautiful bracelet designs for men. These include both beaded bracelets for men as well as men’s leather bracelets. Here are our top 5 picks of men’s bracelets for this week:   1) Stainless steel bracelet stacks for men     If you are into stacking men’s bracelets, then […]

5 casual looks for men to wear in spring


We are already in the middle of March and the spring weather is upon us. Spring is beautiful, it’s warmer, sometimes we see sunny spells and most times we see rain showers (if you live in London). But with all the blossoms blooming, we can’t really complain… So what clothes do men wear during the spring season? […]

Our personalised beaded bracelet was seen on Gianni Scacco, Italian singer and songwriter


Yes, that’s right! Our personalised beaded bracelet was seen on Italian Singer and Songwriter, Gianni Scacco, last week. His personalised black agate beads bracelet for men featured his name initials, GS, on a gold steel initials bracelet plate.     It was mildly cold in Italy last week and Gianni spotted a camel wool hat […]

Father’s day Gift Ideas


Father’s day is still 2 months away and yet we have already started talking about it. Is it too early to be talking about it? We think not. Especially if you want to plan or buy something special for your father, it will have to be done as soon as possible to make sure that […]

5 style mistakes men make when wearing beaded bracelets

Wearing men's beaded bracelets can be quite fun but they will only look good if done right. As men's beaded bracelets are a relatively new trend and most men are still coming round to wearing these, it would be best to ensure you wear them in a way that looks classy. Below we outline 5 [...]

Our black beaded personalised initials bracelet at Milano Fashion Week


We have such exciting news 😀 Our black beaded personalised initials bracelet was seen on VIP stylist, Luca Boiocchi, at the Milano fashion week last week! He had his initials “LB” designed on his black agate beaded bracelet from Ephori London.     This is quite possibly the shortest blog post we’ll ever post about […]

How to style your watch with your beaded initials bracelets


Styling bracelets alongside your luxury watches is a new and fun trend that has emerged over the past few years. For those of you who do enjoy styling your beaded initials bracelets alongside your watch, we will show you how to do this to make sure you have a great match. Secondly, most watches have […]

10 ways to develop a personality that commands power and respect


This is the second part to our “how to command power and respect” series. Our first part explored how style can be used to command power and respect. That article focused on the outer part of you i.e how to dress for success. Now we want to focus on the inner you. The best way […]