Monthly Archives: July 2017

If a man dresses well, does that make him gay?


This is a question every man who dresses well or is interested in dressing well has heard or is afraid of hearing. If a man dresses well, does that make him gay? One thing that always amuses us is how conceptions of style and dress have changed over time. From the 1920’s to the 1970’s, […]

How to style your brown tiger eye men’s beaded bracelets


Our brown tiger eye beaded bracelets for men are one of our best sellers. They are special on a whole other level. Their brown colour accompanied with the chatoyance tiger eye effect really makes them stand out.   Brown tiger eye stones are thought to be stones of protection and confidence. You can find out […]

Introducing our new irregular stone men’s beaded bracelets


One of the requests we have received time and again from our fans is that they would love to see stretchy beaded bracelets. These are easy to wear and look neat at the same time as there are no dangling ends.   We have not been too keen on these previously as elastic string is […]