Monthly Archives: April 2021

Eight tips on how to be a better man

Being a better man is something you should constantly strive for. It will increase your confidence, it will help you command respect from others, people will trust you and you'll be able to date better too. So how can you be a better man? Check out our top tips on how to be a better [...]

New collection Launched! Introducing our Shoreditch Vegan Cork Bracelets for Men

We are very excited to launch our first collection of the year, The Shoreditch Vegan cork bracelets for Men. We have launched a new collection after a while now as we have been taking our time to create and design something that will be new age,  fashionable and luxurious for men. Introducing our Shoreditch bracelets [...]

Our top mens wear picks for this Spring

Struggling to put together your mens wear outfit this month? Not a problem, we got you covered. Check out our top mens wear outfit picks for spring below! Layer up and stay warm A light blue denim shirt with a thick yellow sweater, deep blue denim jacket and boots for that warm menswear outfit. We [...]

Are Bracelets Feminine?

Are bracelets only for women? Can men wear bracelets? Perhaps you're a man who is considering buying a men's bracelet or you are a lady considering buying a bracelet as a gift for your man. But you're not sure, are bracelets feminine? Can a man wear them without being seen as feminine or gay? The [...]