3, 2, 1 … PARTY!


Only a few days left to Christmas and celebrations are already in full swing and with New Year just around the corner, this is the time to get dressed up and celebrate in style!  Now is the time to take it up a notch. We’ve chosen some choice pieces we feel would look great for any of these events and beyond!

The Jacket/ Blazer




The velvet, brocade or tuxedo jacket is so versatile with whatever you are wearing. This is great for both formal and casual parties as they can dress up any outfit, whether smart trousers or casual jeans. They feel really nice, look smart and are definitely seasonal and great for Christmas time.




The Shirt

A clean crisp shirt never goes a miss, keep it white, slim and smart and the look will always be flawless. If you don’t want a white shirt then a black polo shirt adds a 60’s look, very retro!


shirts-to-wear-at-christmas-party shirts-to-wear-at-christmas-party



If you are looking to keep it a little more casual, you can style up your blazer with a fitted round-neck tshirt. Wear a black or white tshirt inside your blazer and pair with jeans and smart shoes.



Bow tie

If you like to dress up smart, add a twist with a colourful bow tie and tap into your personality. Bow ties are great accessories as they go with everything and will always jazz up an outfit whatever colour you choose.




If you prefer the conventional look, you can still go black, but trend it up by changing the style, shape or material.



The Shoes

A good smart pair of shoes will make you stand out.  You could go for a pair of oxford or derby shoes or add an edge to the look with a pair of brogues.

mens-shoes-to-wear-at-a-christmas-party mens-shoes-to-wear-at-a-christmas-party



Cufflinks are great because they spruce up an outfit and take it to the next level.  So if your shirt has cufflink cuffs, you can create a splash and add colour or keep it simple and smart.




Pocket Squares

A blazer without a pocket square looks naken. To finish the whole look, you can add a pocket square, ensuring it matches your overall look – keep it neutral or add a vibrant splash of colour!



So whichever look you go for and however you style it, make sure you are having fun because that’s what party season is for!


mens-evening-wear-smart-style mens-evening-wear-smart-style mens-evening-wear-smart-style