3 looks to style your black agate men’s beaded bracelets with


You have bought a black agate men’s beaded bracelet or you are thinking of buying one. The question that’s on your mind is how to style these? What would you wear your men’s beaded bracelets with and how are other men wearing them?

We have chosen three looks below that may be appeal to you. You can obviously change a few things here and there to fit in with your own personal style.  Having divided these looks into 3 categories – professional, smart-casual and casual, you can style your beaded bracelets in different settings.


1) The professional/entrepreneurial look


Wearing men’s beaded bracelets in the professional world is not always possible, especially if you are working for someone else. It may be considered more of a casual men’s accessory and may not be allowed at your workplace.

However, if you are your own boss, these black beaded bracelets will really stand out and get you the attention you deserve. If you go for our personalised initials men’s beaded bracelets, these will be even more memorable.

Depending on your workplace environment and rules, you may be able to wear men’s beaded bracelets but you should probably check with your co-workers if it is ok to do so!

Now that we have got that out of the way, here’s a smart look that will get those heads turning.




This smart look features a black blazer with a crisp white shirt, grey trousers and black shoes. This smart outfit is complemented perfectly with a grey tie, maroon polka dot pocket square and matching socks!

This gent has decided to wear his watch on one wrist and his stack his bracelets on the other wrist. As you can see, the bracelets are not over-powering and blend in well with this look. If you are going for a professional look, it is always best to keep the stacking to a minimum or wear just one bracelet.

This outfit can be perfectly styled with our black agate beaded bracelets as well as our combination stone men’s beaded bracelets such as the moonstone and black agate beaded bracelet.





2. The smart-casual look

One of our favourite looks is the smart casual look. It has the propensity to really make you look professional, respectful and powerful. Yet, at the same time you look easy going and others will want to talk to you.

If you are heading out to an event over the weekend or you have drinks with friends during the week nights, take our word for it when we say that this look will make you stand out from the crowd.




This gent has teamed his black blazer with his grey trousers and casual shirt without a tie for that semi-casual look. Adding a belt with a statement buckle enhances the outfit.

Loafers have become pretty popular recently and his brown loafers match perfectly with his grey trousers. You may not be a fan of sock-less shoes like these loafers but you can always wear socks and you are also able to buy ankle socks that would go well with these loafers while keeping your feet warm and sweat-free.

This gent has decided to wear his watch on one wrist and stack his bracelets on another wrist. As this gent has stacked close to 3 or 4 bracelets, it’s probably better to wear them on the other wrist. Notice how the bracelets blend in well with this look and infact add an edge to his personal style.

For this smart-casual look, you can also alternate between trousers and denim jeans depending on where you are headed. For example, if you are going out for a day event, denim jeans will look great. If you are going out for a dinner party, then cotton trousers/chinos would look better.

For this type of look, our black agate bracelet paired with gold rhinestone beads as well as gold tiger eye beads would look great.




3) The casual look

With your casual style, you can wear beaded bracelets with any look and not have to worry about whether it looks great with your outfit or not.

You can stack your men’s beaded bracelets on one wrist, you could wear them with your watch. The casual look is a fun look to play around with your beaded bracelets and figure out which style you like without being judged by others.




This is a simple black and white classic casual look with a white t-shirt, black ripped jeans, white trainers and a leather jacket.

The black leather jacket can be substituted for a denim jacket as well, alternatively the denim jeans can be substituted for shorts.

Your black men’s beaded bracelets would go well with any of these looks.

For this type of look, we would actually recommend our black lava stone beaded men’s bracelets which have a rough look to them.



Alternatively, you could go for our black agate beads with a smooth finish.




We hope the guide above has given you an idea on how to style your black men’s beaded bracelets. We will be publishing a series of posts on looks to style your beaded bracelets with all the different colours of men’s beaded bracelets we have in store so that you can get an idea of how to style all these bracelets. Please feel free to get in touch at hello@ephorilondon.com if you have any questions/suggestions.