5 casual looks for men to wear in spring


We are already in the middle of March and the spring weather is upon us. Spring is beautiful, it’s warmer, sometimes we see sunny spells and most times we see rain showers (if you live in London). But with all the blossoms blooming, we can’t really complain…

So what clothes do men wear during the spring season? What are the men’s spring fashion trends for 2017 and how to keep warm whilst still looking stylish?

The answer is layers. Spring is an awesome season to wear all those cool patterned sweaters without feeling too hot or too cold. We selected a few trendy men’s looks below which we feel would be perfect for you to wear during this 2017 spring season and look like the fashion aficionado that you are.





We really like this gent’s spring wardrobe. He has kept it smart by wearing chinos, a blazer and t-shirt but has added a sweater to keep him warm for those colder spring days. If it gets too hot, he can easily take off his blazer. His trousers with the grey sweater and white t-shirt will still look great together.

What really stands out for us are his orange trainers which are a bright colour perfect for spring. For good measure, he has complimented his shoes with his orange pocket square. Using neutral colours for the rest of the look such as black, white and grey ensure that the look isn’t too out there. If you are going to use a pop of colour somewhere in your outfit, aim to keep everything else a bit neutral.

Wearing trainers with chinos has become a bit of a fashion trend lately. We are pretty sure some of you are not digging the sock-less look. But it is possible to buy no-show socks which only go up to your ankles. So while it may seem that you are not wearing socks to the naked eye, your feet have a secret that keeps them clean and sweat-free.

Shades are on hand in case it is sunny and he has accessorised his wrist with beaded bracelets to add his individual style to the look.




For those of you who prefer a more professional look, the gent above has styled his wardrobe pretty well. This wardrobe is probably for those colder spring days. The jacket is perfect for keeping you warm whilst you’re outside and if you take it off indoors, then you still have the sweater to keep you warm. Layering like this ensures that you are able to keep yourself warm and comfortable in your surrounding by simply removing or adding layers.

We love his maroon sweater which matches perfectly with his trousers. While this look is not that bright for spring and is more reminiscent of autumn, this colour may be perfect for those of you who don’t like wearing bright colours and only stick to black, blue or grey. This maroon colour is different from the norm but is still under-stated enough so that you are not the center of attention.

Layering like this for any professional look will work well. Simply add a sweater on top of your shirt and wear a jacket to keep you warm outdoors.




Marcel from One Dappered Street put together this look for spring which is pretty cool. This casual look is great for those rainy spring days. The colour combination of the camel jeans/chinos with the blue blazer and jacket works pretty well. These colours are perfect for spring and you will definitely feel comfortable wearing them as they are easy on the eye. Adding a navy blue trench coat ensures that you are warmer whilst outdoors but it also adds some great style to this outfit.

The boots are perfect for cold weather and the rain. They also go pretty well with the entire look overall. Click to view more pictures of this look here.




This smart and simple spring look is great for the sunnier spring days. The white chinos and light blue shirt are great colours for spring and will keep you cool during the hotter days. A blazer ensures you stay warm incase the temperature drops.

Shades on hand in case the sun’s out!




We love this look by Andrew over at Primer Magazine. This is a simple casual look for spring but it is for one of those colder days. The camel chinos are an unusual yet neutral colour that goes well with the white shirt. Wearing the bomber jacket ensures you stay warm during those colder spring days.

The grey sneakers are a neutral colour and go well with this look. They are also comfortable enough for that casual day out. If it rains, the rubber sole ensures that your feet are protected.

As always, shades on hand for that spring-summery look. Head over to Andrew’s blogpost to see more pictures of this look.


We hope the above 5 looks give you an idea of what to wear during these spring days and look trendy whilst doing so.