5 pieces of jewellery any man can wear


When it comes to men’s jewellery, one has to tread the waters carefully. Infact, the concept of jewellery for men is so dubious, we had to write an entire blog post on whether men’s jewellery is taboo. Click to read it. In summary, several decades ago, men used to adorn their wrists, arms, necks with gold – think Egyptian pharaohs and Roman Generals. Gold ornaments were a sign of power and only reserved for the elite classes. Over time, this changed drastically to the extreme view that men should not wear any jewellery whatsoever. This extreme view is debatable and the reasons for it are slightly troubling.

Regardless of the extreme view above, we live in a society where we are constantly judged. Hence, you may prefer to express your individual style within the bounds of jewellery that is socially acceptable for men. Below, we outline the 5 pieces of jewellery any man can wear to express his style.


1) Men’s Rings


Most men will only wear one ring ever – and that is their wedding ring. Most rings that men tend to wear mean or symbolise something, for example, some men may wear rings that have been passed down from previous generations, other men may wear rings that symbolise that they are part of a group. There is a general consensus that if a man wears a ring, then it must mean something.

However, this is changing. There are several designer rings for men out there that would actually add a pretty cool look to your street style look. You don’t necessarily have to go for big statement oxidised rings – you could go for metal rings in irregular geometric shapes and red gold or gold plated metals to add that contemporary look.





Men’s rings can be worn on your pinky finger. Even though this is associated with organised crime (i.e Mafia in Hollywood), wearing a pinky ring does not mean this. It would make more of a statement as it will stand out more.

Alternatively, men’s rings can also be worn on the ring finger, middle finger or index finger. The ring finger may symbolise marriage, but if you wear your ring on the index finger of the hand that does not symbolise marriage in your culture, that would be fine. Wearing rings on the middle and index finger can also make a statement.




Make sure your rings match with your watch or bracelet so that they don’t look out of place.



If you aren’t wearing any other jewellery, then wearing a ring of any colour would be fine. You can wear several rings if you would like to portray a rock-style look.




2. Men’s Bracelets


You knew we were going to mention this, right? 🙂 Men’s bracelets, by far, are the coolest men’s jewellery trend that has emerged in recent years. From men’s beaded bracelets to men’s leather bracelets, these jewellery pieces will instantly add style to your wardrobe and take your style level up a notch.

There are 3 types of men’s bracelets that you could go for:


Men’s beaded bracelets

These, ofcourse, are our own personal favourite. They are so versatile and different to other men’s bracelets that they will add a new style level to your wardrobe. The great thing about men’s beaded bracelets is that they come in so many different colours – all in natural palettes – that they can match with your entire wardrobe in a colourful way. Usually, men stick to black because they are afraid to look feminine with colours. However, as natural stone beads have naturally occuring colours on earth palettes – when styled right, these look great with their wardrobes.

The other great thing with men’s beaded bracelets is that there is a style trend to wear these alongside your watch. If you wear beaded bracelets alongside your wrist watch, any man that’s style savvy will notice that you are at the top of your wrist game straight away! 😉




For men that prefer to wear jewellery that means something or jewellery that’s bold enough for men, we have designed personalised custom initial plates/id bracelets for men. Our own beaded bracelets can be personalised with your name initials or even company initials on a variety of metal plates. You can personalise your initials on a gold/black steel plate, sterling silver plate or even 18K gold plate.

The great thing about our personalised men’s bracelets is that they are a great conversation starter, and if you are just starting out with styling bracelets, if someone does ask you about your bracelet, it would be personally satisfying to state that those initials are your name initials. Wearing something that’s unique to you adds that air of importance and status as it is not easily obtainable i.e not another item off the shelf.




Men’s Leather Bracelets

The most common type of men’s bracelets are men’s leather bracelets. As men’s leather bracelets are usually in black, they can pretty much match all your outfits. Men’s leather bracelets have also been around for a long time and are great to style for a street style look.

Recently, men’s leather bracelets are being made in exotic leathers such as sting ray and python leather. We will soon be introducing these in our store so keep checking back!




Men’s Bracelet cuffs

Men’s cuffs are made in metal and to some, may stand out as being the manlier bracelet. Even though men’s cuffs are popular, they are definitely not bracelets you could style alongside your watch as they will scratch the life out of your watch.

If you are styling your men’s bracelet cuff on the opposite wrist to your watch, it will look good. However, adding a few beaded bracelets alongside your bracelet cuff will make it look even better.




3. Men’s Watches


You may be surprised to see men’s watches under the men’s jewellery category. But to some who do not wear jewellery, men’s watches are actually considered jewellery for men. Considering these are worn on a man’s wrist, they could double up as a bracelet.

Men’s watches are accepted as part of a man’s wardrobe without question because they aren’t just a show piece, but also tell the time. They have a function to them. Most men who wear jewellery want to make a statement with their wardrobe but the advantage of wearing a watch is that it will also tell you the time (and also the temperature in case you go for an apple watch).

There are various types of watches from diver watches to dress watches appropriate for various occasions.




4. Cufflinks


Cufflinks are the perfect piece of men’s jewellery for those dinner parties and date nights. There are a range of cufflinks out there from more extravagant pieces to simpler cotton cufflinks – each appropriate for a certain occasion. You may want to read our blog post on cufflink types if you would like to know more about cufflinks and cufflink backs.

We love cufflinks because they come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colours. Infact, we are aware of some men who love collecting cufflinks! Cufflinks are a great way to show off your personality and look super classy while doing it.




In our own store, we have personalised cufflinks. With our Soho cufflinks, you can personalise your cufflinks with your initials. Once again, this is a great conversation starter.




With our Charing Cross cufflinks, you can even add a word!charing-cross-cufflinks-for-men-personalised-custom-personalised-bespoke-cufflinks-for-men-uk charing-cross-cufflinks-for-men-personalised-custom-personalised-bespoke-cufflinks-for-men-uk


5. Necklaces


Men’s necklaces are very difficult to style and you are seriously treading on water if you don’t get/read style advice for necklaces for men before styling them. These are even harder to style compared to men’s bracelets and men’s rings. Wear a necklace that’s too big, and you’ll look like Mr. T. Wear a necklace that’s too small and you’ll look too feminine.

A metal necklace chain with a pendant in silver, gold, bronze or oxidised silver would look great with a V-neck t-shirt and vests. Go for necklaces that have anchor pendants, arrows, dog tags or even leo heads. Exercise your judgement when choosing the pendant. You can also opt for necklaces that have leather chains rather than metal chains.






In our opinion, necklaces with delicate chains that are quite long look much better than shorter length necklaces. They are subtle enough and blend in naturally with the rest of your outfit.





You can also opt for beaded necklaces for men, however, these are best worn on holiday and at the beach. Layering necklaces is also great on holiday.




5 pieces of jewellery any man can wear


We hope you enjoyed reading about our take on the 5 pieces of jewellery any man can wear. We will be writing more in-depth style advice on styling various pieces of jewellery as well such as how to style men’s necklaces, how to style men’s rings, types of men’s watches etc. So be sure to keep visiting our blog.

We would love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a favourite jewellery piece for men that you wear? Is there a reason you wear men’s jewellery? What is your take on men’s jewellery? Comment below and let us know! 🙂