5 ways to be the most interesting man in the room


Becoming a more interesting man isn’t just about getting the girls to like you, it’s also about self-improvement and knowing that you are making the most of life. As everyone has said countless times, “life is short”, we shall say it once more – LIFE IS SHORT. When you are in your final days and look back at your life, wouldn’t it feel better to know that you made the most of life as much as you possibly could? We know you agree with us so without further delay, let’s highlight the 5 best ways to become the most interesting man in the room.


1. Travel A LOT


We can’t emphasise this enough. If your wallet allows for it, aim to get atleast 3-4 holidays a year. Travelling is one of the best ways to become more open-minded, learn about different cultures, see new things and really change the way you think. Travelling also has its challenges such as getting lost in an ancient forest, losing your luggage at the airport, being ripped off by a taxi driver.. you get the drift. Not only do such experiences make for entertaining stories that you’ll live to tell forever, but they will also teach you a lesson and things you could do to avoid these in the future. Basically, neurons fire in your brain, new synapses are created and you become more knowledgeable and fun.



2. Get a hobby


One of the easiest ways to instantly become more interesting is to get a hobby. If there’s something you would like to learn/enjoy, either start it or continue it. Telling others about how interesting and fun your life is with all your new-found hobbies feels so good – mainly because their lives are pretty boring. So don’t be lazy and spend the Saturday on the couch. Sign up for that swimming lesson or archery class or even bouldering. When you go back to work on Monday, you can tell everyone about how many boulders you climbed. The positive side effect of getting a hobby is that you’ll also meet new people and make more friends and learn more and hence become more fun, and the cycle continues.




3. Read more


A book contains a wealth of information and is a device for creative imagination. The more you read, the more you learn. And no – you don’t have to read the 101 about Biology. You can read books on a variety of things such as self-improvement, business and finance books, science-fiction, books that improve your creativity – and any book on a subject that you may be interested in. No matter which book you read, you are bound to learn something that you could cleverly add to a future conversation making you sound like a true expert and well-read individual – someone everyone would want to be friends with. You could have your spotlight moment right there when you quote an applicable quote for the moment.




4. Experiment with new styles


If you’re into fashion (which you probably are as you are reading our blog), you could become more interesting if you were to push your boundaries and try new styles. Most people like to stick to their comfort zones and old conventional styles. If you are in the UK, most people stick to the colours beige, brown, grey, black. If you are like most adult men, you probably stick to the same old classic jeans and tshirt.

If you wear a certain style in a specific colour because you have tried everything else, and like that specific style – then that’s fine. Atleast you know what you want. However, if you style your clothing in a certain way because that’s just how you’ve always styled your wardrobe, then you can add a bit more spice to your wardrobe by trying new trends and styles. Perhaps, there’s something out there that’s trending that would look pretty good in your wardrobe. If this is the case, your friends and colleagues will definitely notice and you’ll suddenly become more interesting as they’ll sense a spirit of adventure within you 🙂



5. Listen


What? Listen, you say? Yes, listen. Did you know that people love talking? They like telling everyone about how interesting their life is, their latest adventure, their latest success, the interesting news piece they saw on tv, etc etc. Sometimes, when you are hanging out with someone, if you let another person engage in conversation and listen to them instead of interrupting them and going on about your own life, you’ll come across as interesting – why? Because you listened.

Most people are just looking to be heard. They’ll feel that they actually had a great time hanging out with you because they were able to share their life’s journey with you. Strange, isn’t it? You would think constantly talking and telling others about how awesome your life is will make you sound interesting – but everyone is thinking this way – and therefore, no one really shares the way they would want to. By actually being there, present in the moment and really listening to a person, you’ll be the one they’ll all want to hang out with and ofcourse, would love to hear more about you too!



5 ways to become the most interesting man in the room

We hope you enjoyed reading about our views on the 5 best ways to become the most interesting man in the room. But do remember to put these into practice too! Do you have any other great ideas on how to be more interesting? Feel free to share them below!