5 ways to command power/respect through style


When you are successful in your job/business, you are likely to command power and respect straight away. But one thing that we always notice is successful people always dress smart (unless you work in silicon valley and are working on something techy). They are not only successful but they look successful.




In fact, it is thought that dressing for success will take you one step closer to success, it is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. (Ofcourse you have to work hard to be successful, you don’t just become successful by looking successful, but it is a push in the right direction and also puts you in the right frame of mind).




Once your style exudes success, you’ll command a much higher level of power and respect. Have you ever been in a room where that person walks in looking very smart and suddenly everyone wants to talk to him/her? Well, we give you 5 simple ways to command respect and power through style.


  1. Wear a suit

The most successful people will dress for the job. They care about how others perceive them. The first impression is the most important, and you have to make it count. There is no better way to command respect and power than by dressing up in a suit. It shows that you mean business and you care about how others perceive you. It shows that you are willing to put in the extra effort that most people neglect simply because you are on the path of success and in a successful state of mind. When you show others that you want to command respect, they will respect you. That’s what a leader does. Here are a few tips for your suited and booted style.

  • Wear a suit that is black or navy blue in colour paired with a white shirt.
  • Add a tie if the occasion is formal.
  • Wearing a three piece suit will make you look even smarter and will give you that extra class. You’ll definitely stand out in the room and everyone will want to know more about who you are, what you do. A three piece suit involves wearing a normal suit and adding a matching waistcoat.
  • Wear clean and smart dress shoes that match your suit.
  • Make sure your suit/shirt is clean and well-pressed at all times.




2. Wear the right accessories

Every detail counts. Yes, people do look at the big picture but they also notice the small details, and those are the details that will go a long way to say something about you. So make sure you have thought about all the accessories you wear. In the beginning, it may take time and practice, but as you go along, it will get easier and faster.

One of our favourite accessories to wear is the pocket square. It adds such a touch of elegance. Wearing and styling pocket squares can be quite difficult if you are a newbie but not to worry, we have written a three step guide for you to follow that will help you get more comfortable wearing pocket squares:

How to wear pocket squares

How to style pocket squares

Tips on styling pocket squares

You must make sure that your pocket square complements your entire suit and tie. This is very important. Wearing a pocket square can look very classy, but if you don’t do it right, then the whole outfit will fall apart. Adding this small pocket square detail will make you look very important.




3. Add finer jewellery details


Along with your style outfit including your suit, tie, pocket square and shoes, you should also think about the jewellery to go with your suit.

A fine set of cufflinks will look great if you are able to wear them on your shirt cuffs. There are a multitude of cufflinks out there that will add an instant touch of class to your style. You can select a pair of cufflinks to match the occasion. These will make you stand out and instantly signify power to those who notice.


A watch says a lot about a man. It adds that instant touch of class to a man’s wrist and says that he is a somebody. The type of watch you select will go a long way in defining your personality. You can pick a clean modern watch or you can pick a more complex vintage style.

If you are a watch collector, you could wear a watch that reflects your mood on that particular day or choose a watch to go with the occasion. For those who wear luxury watches such as a Rolex, we do not need to spell out how much power this could command and what it says about your financial status 😉




One of the newer additions to men’s jewellery that are becoming quite popular now are men’s bracelets. Depending on the environment, you can wear a bracelet on your wrist to match the occasion. For example, if you are on a date/party, you can wear a dressier black agate beaded bracelet as below alongside your wrist watch. It adds mystery to your look and a lady would definitely love to find out more.

Furthermore, a personalised bracelet could be a great conversation starter when someone asks you “what do those letters mean?” Wearing something personalised shows that you care about yourself and are willing to put in that extra effort to buy something unique to you. This means you know you are special and when you are sure, others will feel it too. They’ll know that there is something about you and they will respect you.




If you are on holiday/by the beach, you could wear brighter beaded bracelets to add that touch of style to your outfit straight away. Needless to say our personalised bracelet will be attention grabbers and people will want to find out more about you.



4. Your overcoat makes a difference


If you live in a cold country, then the first thing people will notice about you is your coat. You may be wearing the most stylish and classy suit under your coat, but if your coat looks a mess, then that is the first impression people will have of you. You must capture their attention from the beginning to command respect and wearing a clean coat that goes well with your suit will be essential.

One of our favourite overcoats to wear during the winter season are long fitted wool coats. These will keep you warm whilst looking classy at the same time. These come in subtle colours such as black, beige, camel that will match perfectly with your suit. So now you can keep their attention when they first see you whilst you take off your over coat to reveal the classy suit underneath that’s on point.




5. Scarf

Adding a small detail such as a scarf can take your style game to the next level. A scarf is a very important accessory because it spells both function and fashion. Not only will it keep you warm, but if styled right, it will make you look like one classy gent.

We will probably have to do a whole blog post on the type of scarf you should wear and how to wear it, but in short be sure to buy a scarf that is made of high quality material, you could go for wool. To start out with, pick a solid colour such as black or camel or brown that will match your wardrobe.




Notice how the scarf added to the outfit above makes it look really classy. You can’t see the man’s face but we are sure you want to know who he is. 😉


These 5 style secrets will be helpful in gaining that command of respect that you desire from those around you. The first step is to actually be confident in yourself  but the second step is your personal style. Your style will say a lot about your personality and will help you command that respect and power you desire. Please do let us know if you have other style tips that make you feel more powerful.

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