Are Bracelets Feminine?


Are bracelets only for women? Can men wear bracelets?

Perhaps you’re a man who is considering buying a men’s bracelet or you are a lady considering buying a bracelet as a gift for your man. But you’re not sure, are bracelets feminine? Can a man wear them without being seen as feminine or gay?

The short answer is no, bracelets can be worn by men. Infact, this has increasingly become the accessory of choice for men as they are versatile, come in many different styles and can be worn on many different occasions.


But why would a man wear a bracelet?

If you are fashion conscious or have an eye for fashion, you’ll notice men have started styling their arms with all sorts of bracelets ranging from men’s leather bracelets, cord bracelets, men’s beaded bracelets, metal cuffs or chain bracelets.

Browse your instagram feed and you’ll notice that many men’s fashion influencers will add bracelets to their wrists to stand out. Many stylish men are including bracelets as part of their outfit whether they are going for street style, business casual or business wear.

Wearing a man’s bracelet is just like wearing men’s rings or men’s necklaces. As men become more fashion conscious, they are more likely to adopt different ways of looking fashionable. Previously, a man wearing a necklace may also have been considered feminine but it’s become more mainstream now. As society becomes more progressive, fashion for both men and women is bound to change as well.

Wearing a new trendy accessory like a man’s bracelet shows that you are fashion conscious, care about your look and are willing to explore different ways of styling your look.


So how should I style my wrist with a bracelet that does not look feminine?

You may feel that bracelets are feminine as you’ve predominantly seen women wearing them.

But it all comes down to what type of bracelet you wear.


Keep charms to a minimum

If you wear bracelets that have a feminine feel to them with lots of charms, then yes, the bracelet will look feminine.


You may think that buying bracelets with tacky charms such as crowns or spartan heads will make the bracelet look more masculine, but take it from us, they actually look childish. They may not look feminine but they won’t scream class either.

If you find a bracelet that has a nice design with a right sized classy looking crown charm, then by all means, go for it but please stay away from cheap looking charms bracelets. It will ruin your entire look.

Looks cheap


Choose the right colour

You should also be wary of the colours of men’s bracelets that you go for. If you’re just starting out wearing a man’s bracelet, go for neutral colours such as black, brown, grey or blue.


Go for a neutral colour such as black


As you become comfortable wearing these, you can play around with more bold colours. The trick is to style them with the colours that match your outfit. If what you are wearing looks classy and are able to match it with the colours of the bracelet, there is no way you’ll be seen as feminine.


We would advise you to stay away from very feminine colours such as pink if you are not yet comfortable wearing men’s bracelets. Ofcourse, if you style it right e.g if you are at the beach, you may even be able to pull off a pink bracelet as long as you mix and match it with other colour bracelets. Simply wearing a pink bracelet may be considered feminine.

Avoid this colour unless you can mix and match it with other bolder colours


Minimalistic Yes but Delicate No

Bracelets that are extremely delicate can also look feminine. You may think that going for a small minimalistic bracelet won’t stand out but be very careful about what you choose to wear.

For example, the bracelet below screams feminine.

Too Delicate


If you want to go for something minimalistic, then you could go for a bracelet as below. Note how it pairs effortlessly with a watch.

Stainless steel small beads bracelet - not too delicate, pairs nicely with the watch and personalised bracelet


The bracelet above can be worn by a lady as well. This is what may confuse you. If a woman can wear it, then how can you wear it as a man?

Well guess what? They say it’s a man’s world, but when it comes to bracelets, it’s a woman’s world. Women can wear any bracelet they want and get away with it, whilst a man has to be very careful about what he chooses to wear.

Don't do too blingy unless that's the look you want

Wearing extremely blingy bracelets can also be considered feminine unless you are a rapper and that is the look you are going for.

If you’re just a normal guy who is looking to style your wrist in a non over the top way, go for something a bit more subtle. You can still wear a bit of bling as long as it’s not over the top.

Ofcourse, if you are confident styling bracelets and feel it will look nice, then go for it. In the end, it really comes down to how confident you are styling the bracelet and if you mix and match it right, it may look great.

Too blingy


Blingy but still subtle


Style your bracelet alongside your watch

Style your bracelet next to your watch. If you match the colours of the bracelet with your watch, it can really stand out and make a statement. This will definitely show that you know what look you are going for and know how to style it.

Incase you are worried about scratching your watch, go for a bracelet without metallic parts such as a beaded bracelet, leather bracelet or cord bracelet. Alternatively, you can stack two bracelets and separate the metal bracelet from your watch with a cord bracelet inbetween the two.

You can also wear your bracelet on the wrist opposite to your watch wrist. Wearing it with your watch simply makes a fashion statement.

Bracelet and Wrist Watch styled together


What about beaded bracelets? Are they feminine?

Beaded bracelets are a pain point for you. Men have been effortlessly styling them, but will you be able to pull it off?

Men’s beaded bracelets have grown in recent years to be one of the most loved men’s accessories because of the many colours they come in and some even love the mystery and lore behind the natural stones.

You should not be afraid of styling beaded bracelets for men. If done right, they’ll look great with your outfit.

We have lots of great style advice on our blog on how to style men’s beaded bracelets. You can also follow fashion influencers on instagram or our instagram account @ephorilondon for pictures of styling beaded bracelets. Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter, we are constantly providing style tips on how to style your men’s beaded bracelets.

With the right guidance, there’s no reason for you to feel that bracelets are feminine.


We hope you found this blog post useful in deciding whether to buy a men’s bracelet or not.

Our advice to you would be, first and foremost, wear what makes you comfortable. If despite all the fashion advice out there, you still feel you could not wear a bracelet, then don’t.

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to accessorise your outfit, start small. Start with a bracelet that’s generally considered manly such as a leather bracelet.

As you become more confident, try different styles, maybe go for a cord bracelet or a beaded bracelet.

Start by first styling your street look. Don’t go and style your business or professional look right away if you’ve just started wearing bracelets unless you feel confident enough to do so. Once you’ve got a hang on how to style men’s bracelets with street wear, you can then go ahead and style your business casual look.

Follow fashion influencers for style tips on how to style your men’s bracelets right and you’ll not look feminine when accessorising with bracelets.

Feel free to drop us an email if you would like any style advice. All the best.