Bespoke Custom Initials Bracelets


If you have been following our journey from the beginning, you’ll have noticed that we are very keen on personalisation and uniqueness. Our first products were bespoke bracelets that are centered around personalisation such as the custom initials bracelets. Custom bracelets are our specialty and we want you to be involved in designing and customising your bracelets as much as possible. We believe personalization is the future but we are here to bring this to you now.

We recently launched our new collection which focuses a lot on custom initials bracelets. Why did we choose custom initials bracelets and what significance do we feel initials bracelets have? Why should you wear initials bracelets? We want to tell you more about where our inspiration came from and what sort of initials you could go for on your personalised initials bracelet.





It’s about you

Our vision was to create something unique to you – something that has meaning to you. By choosing name initials, your custom name initials bracelet would make an identity statement about you without giving too much away.


Getting used to styling your wrist with bracelets

Men’s bracelets are a relatively new concept and for the more conservative man, wearing a bracelet may be out of his comfort zone if he has never worn bracelets before. Recently, men’s bracelets have become very popular and many men have been adorning their wrists with bracelets, whether they are made of beads, leather or metal.

We felt that for a man who is just beginning to style his wrist with bracelets, wearing a bracelet that actually has meaning to him will enable him to be more comfortable wearing the initials bracelet.


Great conversation starter

Custom name initials bracelets are also a great conversation starter. Going to a party? It won’t be long before someone asks what those initials on your bespoke initials bracelets refer to. It may well just be that special lady.






Your name initials

The most obvious initials for your personalised initials bracelet ofcourse are your name initials. If you want to style your wardrobe in a way that is unique to you and reflects you, going for custom name initials bracelets is a great idea!


Your gf/wife/son/daughter’s initials

We all love our family and those close to us. You may choose to go for a custom bracelet with your girlfriend’s initials, your wife’s initials, your son’s initials, your daughter’s initials. While they may not be there all the time, wearing an initials bracelet that reminds you of them is a great way of keeping them close to you at all times.


Mom/Dad/Grandma/Granddad’s initials

The most important people in our lives. You could get your mom’s, dad’s, grandma’s and grandpa’s initials to always remember them. They are the reason we are who we are today and wearing a custom initials bracelet with their initials will be a great reminder to always keep them close to our pulse 😉 (life)


Couple initials

You could go for two matching bracelets with one of the initials on the bracelet being your initial and the other initial being your lover’s initial. This custom couple initials bracelet would make a great gift for her and it would be a great way to bond even when you are not always together.


Company initials

Are you a CEO of a company? Well, it’s a no brainer then. You could wear your company name initials bracelet to show off your success and talk about it at all times. If someone approaches you at a networking event and asks you about those initials, you could tell them they are your company initials. Who will that person remember by the end of the night? Definitely you, because you stood out with your company initials custom bracelet.


Friend initials

Got a best friend? Get a custom initials bracelet, with one initial for him and one for you.


Pet initials

We all love our pets. No matter how silly or naughty, our pets bring laughter into our life. You can personalise your initials bracelet with your pets initials too.


Charity/cause initials

Got a charity or cause you care about? You could customise your initials bracelet with the charity/cause initials.


TV/Radio host show

If you have recently featured in a TV/Radio host show, you could design a custom initials bracelet with the tv/radio show initials. We had a director design such initials bracelet with us last year. These could be given to the entire cast to wear and create buzz when they are out and about.



Want your close family to always remember your wedding/anniversary? Looking for a gift to give back to your wedding guests so that they always remember this special day? You could design a custom initials bracelet with your and your wife’s initials in this format: A&A.


Boss initials

Wondering what to get your boss? Well, you can get in his good books by getting him a personalised initials bracelet if he likes wearing bracelets! Alternatively, you could get him these personalised initial cufflinks






Do you have an idea of a personalized custom bracelet that you would like to create that is different from our custom bracelets above? Get in touch! We’ll see what we can do 🙂 Contact us at

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post on our inspiration and types of initial bracelets and we would love to hear from you if you have any questions/feedback/general musings!