How should boys wear their bracelets – tight or loose?


How should boys/men wear their bracelets? Tight or loose? This is a question you may have once you’ve bought the men’s bracelets and are about to wear them.

The way you wear your men’s bracelets largely depends on the dress style that you are going for. The way you wear them can also make or break your look (and in some cases your reputation).

Men’s bracelets are fast becoming a staple amongst the fashion conscious, however, there is still a large population out there that is unaware of the concept of men wearing bracelets – so you have to make sure you style them right.

In our opinion, you should wear your men’s bracelets tight or loose depending on the dress style that you are going for. The dress style can generally be divided into three categories: Business wear, smart-casual and casual.


Business Wear

Wearing men’s bracelets with your suit can be a risky proposition. However, some men are styling their bracelets with their suits and they actually look pretty great.

The key to style men’s bracelets with suits is to wear just one or two bracelets. Also, you can opt for men’s beaded bracelets or men’s leather bracelets.

In our opinion, if you are styling your men’s bracelet with your suit, you should wear it tight so that it has a clean look. Make sure it fits your wrist perfectly before buying it.






Smart Casual wear allows for some leeway but we feel that you should stick to a clean look and wear your men’s bracelets tightly on your wrist.

Smart casual entails wearing a blazer/shirt and wearing your bracelets tight on your wrist will keep this look in sync.

The great thing with smart casual is that you could stack a few bracelets and create a pretty cool look but remember to keep wear the bracelets tight in this case.





Casual basically means you can wear whatever you like.

With the casual look, you can wear your bracelets tight or loose. It does not matter.

You can create several different looks every time you go out.




Beach wear

Another category we shall add is beach wear. In our opinion, wearing bracelets loose actually looks better with beach wear.

Ofcourse, you could wear your bracelets tight – it is not taboo. But wearing your bracelets tight at the beach has an unrelaxed feel to it, don’t you think?


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How should boys / men wear their bracelets – tight or loose?


Based on the dress type above, you can see that there is a direct correlation between how formal the dress style is and whether you wear the bracelets tight or loose.

If an occasion is formal, best to wear the bracelets tight to keep the look clean.

If an occasion is informal, then you can wear your bracelets either tight or loose – depending on the formality of the occasion.



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When designing our men’s bracelets, we always consider whether they can be styled with most men’s looks.

Hence, we have made most of our beaded bracelets adjustable. This way, you can wear your bracelet tightly around your wrist with your business/professional/smart-casual wear and you can also wear it loosely around your wrist with your casual wear.

The next step is to decide which colour/style of men’s beaded bracelets you should wear with your outfit. We have written a style guide for men’s beaded bracelets to style this summer with various looks: Style guide for men’s beaded bracelets 

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