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6 Things Successful People Do on the Weekends

Successful people know that time off matters. Some of us envision that successful people work very hard and must work all weekends. Others envision that successful people are financially free and must spend all their weekends relaxing. Actually, it's a mix. One doesn't become successful by just taking time off whenever they like and having [...]

5 things women notice about men first


As part of our lifestyle series, we would like to talk about the 5 things women notice first when they meet a man. Yes, just like men, women do notice and size you up. In fact, men only notice these 5 things when they first meet a woman – looks, looks, looks, looks and more […]

5 ways to achieve happiness instantly


Happiness is one of the things in life that feels good and yet it is so hard to achieve as an adult. You may feel that once you have got what you wanted, the success, your dream job, the new car, the new house, the love of your life, a family, you’ll be happy. And […]

10 ways to develop a personality that commands power and respect


This is the second part to our “how to command power and respect” series. Our first part explored how style can be used to command power and respect. That article focused on the outer part of you i.e how to dress for success. Now we want to focus on the inner you. The best way […]

Movember moustachioe’s!


Tis’ the month of November, the month of grey skies and cold frost but for the men, it’s also a month of fun (and health awareness). It’s time to ditch the razor and get moustachioed! Thirteen years ago, the term Movember was coined. Movember was a movement that was set up to raise awareness of […]