Do guys like bracelets as gifts?


Bracelets for guys are a new jewellery accessory taking the men’s fashion world by storm. They come in many different materials and styles and can be worn with various outfits.




Do guys like bracelets as gifts? It depends on two things:

1) Does your guy style up?

If your man likes fashion or dresses well, you can be sure that he’ll be happy to receive a bracelet as a gift.

Even if your boyfriend/husband isn’t that fashionable, it doesn’t mean he may not like a bracelet as a gift. He may have seen his friends wearing bracelets, he may have noticed other men wearing bracelets on social media. Perhaps, he is not sure what kind of bracelet to wear or how to style it? That’s where you come in/our fashion style advice comes in.




2) What he normally wears

If your guy mainly wears professional wear on a daily basis, he may not be too keen on bracelets or he may only prefer a certain type of bracelet.

If your guy mainly wears business casual, street wear or casual, then bracelets will look great with his outfit.


Still unsure?

If you’re really not sure, just ask him! He may be glad that you asked and will be happy for you to help him style it.

It’s a surprise

If you’re not sure whether he’ll like the bracelet, or you can’t ask him because you want it to be a surprise, why not get him one of our personalised bracelets? Men like personalised items and knowing that his bracelet actually means something rather than just being an accessory, will make him want to wear it.




Men have been styling their beaded bracelets with watches lately so this is a great way for your guy to style his bracelet.

You may also be unsure as to whether guys like bracelets as gifts because, well, are bracelets feminine?

No, they are not. They are a new accessory in the men’s fashion world and men are still figuring out how to style them.

Click to read our post on whether bracelets are feminine and how to style them.

What does he normally wear?

Professional/Work Wear

Does your guy normally wear professional or work wear?


The type of bracelet you buy for him depends on how adventurous he is.


If he is conservative, best to get him a leather bracelet or a metal cuff.

It is also a good idea to have the bracelet personalised so that it adds an element of class to the bracelet such as our Shoreditch personalised vegan bracelets below.


Or you can keep it simple with a classic black vegan bracelet as below:


Alternatively, you could get him a metal cuff as below:



Does he also wear business casual or street wear?




As well as the vegan bracelets above, you could also get him men’s beaded bracelets as below:



Alternatively, you could get him a simpler beaded unpersonalised bracelet as below:


If you want to keep it even simpler, how about a smaller beads bracelet as below?


You could also consider cord/rope bracelets or chain bracelets.

We hope the advice above helps you decide whether guys like bracelets as gifts.

It all comes down to what he wears and how to style the bracelets.

Wearing a men’s bracelet can really give him that style edge and make him stand out from the crowd.

Personalising the bracelet will give him class and best of all, it will remind him of you.

If you would like any advice as to which bracelet to get for your guy, just drop us an email at We’ll be happy to help.