Guys wearing bracelets?? Well, yes… looks like you’ve come to the party late! Guys wearing bracelets is actually a thing now and infact styling men’s bracelets with your wrist watch looks pretty cool. If you have completely missed this trend, not to worry, we’ll fill you in.

In this blog post, rather than write and write about guys wearing bracelets and how they style them, we will give you our top 5 picks of men’s bracelet this week. We want to keep it short and sweet. If you know all about men’s bracelets, this will give you some style inspiration. If you have never heard of men’s bracelets, this will give you a quick visual overview of what’s out there and trending.


Check out our top 5 picks of guys wearings bracelets this week!


1. Yellow Men’s Leather Bracelet styled with Watch

We absolutely love this yellow bracelet paired with the yellow dial Audemar’s Piguet watch – it is the perfect colour for spring leading up to summer. The rugged black detail on the leather bracelet matches perfectly with the black details on the watch. This is a wrist look that will definitely get you that attention. It’s got a fiery street style feel to it.




2. Cool Blue Leather Men’s Bracelets with Watch

This is one of our favourite combinations. A deep blue and sea blue pair of men’s leather bracelets complement this Blue Brietling watch perfectly. Together, they ooze a personality of cool and calm. We are sure you feel relaxed just looking at this pairing.. we sure do! A great look for a date with your favourite lady – will definitely calm the nerves 😉




3.  Men’s Gold Beaded Bracelet and Leather Bracelet paired with Rolex Watch

This men’s bracelet style is perfect for those who like stacking bracelets. If you read our previous posts, you’ll know that it is best to style bracelet stacks once you are comfortable wearing men’s bracelets. However, if you are over-flowing with confidence, then feel free to go ahead and style these head on. The gold beaded bracelets match perfectly with the watch and the white leather bracelet matches the watch dial. A heavy but perfectly complemented bracelet stack.




4. Men’s Personalised Beaded Bracelet Styled With Rolex

Green is  another one of our favourite colours for spring. Our green epidote beaded men’s bracelet personalised with his name initials makes for a perfect choice. This green beaded bracelet matches perfectly with the Green Rolex watch and the personalised plate reflects your identity. This is a great bracelet for guys who are just starting out wearing bracelets or would like to make an identity statement – basically – wear it if you are a VIP and you know it 😉




5. Brown Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelets For Guys

These brown tiger eye beaded bracelets are so versatile and easy to style with your wardrobe. We also love the cool chatoyance cat’s eye effect that these bracelets have when light is reflected off them. These men’s beaded bracelets match perfectly with the two-tone gold Rolex Watch with the black dial.




Guys wearing bracelets

So there you have it – our top 5 picks of men’s beaded and leather bracelets this week. We are sure if you have never come across guys wearing bracelets, you’ll have realised why this is a pretty cool trend. If your bracelets are styled just right, you can actually look pretty stylish wearing these. Do check our other posts if you would like to know more about men’s bracelets and how they are styled. Till next time – Adios!