5 ways to motivate yourself


As they say, a life without goals is like a race without a finish line. If you are anything like us, you’ll most likely have goals you are striving to achieve.

Having goals and accomplishing them is the best feeling in the world. However, it is not always easy to have the motivation and drive to keep going.

So you have your goals set – but how do you keep motivating yourself to achieve your goals?


1) Visualise

What would it feel like to achieve that goal? Perhaps you want success – a well paid job, a nice car, a big house. Think about all the things you could do with a successful career. Perhaps you want love. What would it feel like to find someone to love and build a family? Perhaps you want to help others. What would it feel like to help those in need?

That feeling/emotion that you derive when you visualise yourself achieving your goal is what will keep you going. Visualise in the morning when you wake up to get you going and visualise in the night when you are just about to fall asleep so that your brain works on solutions while you sleep.


2) Set challenges

Having a goal is quite exciting but while you are working towards the goal, the journey can begin to feel tedious and unproductive. You can switch up this routine by setting yourself achievable challenges.

For example, if you go jogging for 30 minutes a day to keep in shape, you could add another exercise such as 10 pushups to make this more challenging. You’ll feel good about pushing yourself.

Compete with yourself and aim to do even better than last time. Set yourself deadlines to ensure that you stay on track.


3) Reward yourself

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to reward yourself everytime you achieve a step forward towards your goal. And oh yes, make sure you break your goal into smaller goals so that it doesn’t feel daunting and you can reward yourself every time you achieve that smaller goal.

You could reward yourself by buying that car you’ve always wanted, or a watch, or a fashion accessory. Perhaps, you could go on a trip somewhere exotic or even just spend the evening out with your friends doing an activity you love.


4) Take time off

Sometimes all you need to get that motivation is some time off. When you are over-worked, your brain and body could be exhausted and you may not have the drive to continue towards your goal. There is no point “staying busy” when you are barely getting any work done.

Take a walk, meet your friends, go on holiday – just get away from work. We can guarantee you’ll come back feeling refreshed, ready to take on the next challenge. If anything, you may also have got some new ideas and inspiration on how to achieve your goals faster.


5) Seek Motivation

There is a lot of material and information out there that could get you motivated. Read a motivational quote as soon as you start the day for that instant boost of motivation.

When you have more time, read motivational books, stories of others who have achieved big goals, watch ted talks, read online blogs, follow motivational accounts on social media.

There is so much motivational information out there that will keep you going should you hit a wall – just like this blog post 😉


5 ways to motivate yourself

We hope you enjoyed reading our 5 top tips for motivating yourself. There are so many other ways to motivate yourself.

Make motivating yourself a habit and before you know it, you’ll have achieved your goal. Have a blessed day!