How to style men’s beaded bracelets and men’s wear this spring 2021


Spring is already here and it’s time to update your style. This season can be a confusing one because some days are cold, some days are warm. What works on one spring day may not necessarily work on another spring day. It’s also a lovely season to mix up your style with slightly brighter colours in the run-up to summer – but at the same time, not too bright.

Is there a solution to this undecided season? Yes, there is. Layering is your answer.

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Tips for styling your mens wear spring look

1) Layering simply means what it says on the label. Add layers – as in the style above, a white shirt with a basil green sweater. Too hot, you can simply remove one layer. Still too cold? You can wear your jacket/coat.

2) Using brighter colours such as green, blue, maroon, pale yellow rather than the usual wintery colours of grey, black and brown can give your look that spring vibe.

Our top mens wear picks this spring


Wondering how to dress up casually this spring? This is the easiest look to style. Wear your usual jeans/t-shirt and style with a brighter jumper.


For a smart business casual look that can work both for casual Fridays, casual business meetings or working from home, style a smart shirt/tie with a green jumper, jeans and brown leather shoes.

Photo credit: @alaaeldin_12

Style up your business look for spring with a green shirt, khaki blazer and white trousers with brown loafers.


Which beaded bracelet can I style with these looks?

We have the perfect men’s beaded bracelet that you can style with any of the three looks above. Personalised with your initials, it will give it that added luxury touch.

Style our green epidote men’s beaded bracelet either on it’s own, by stacking with other bracelets or with your rolex or any other watch.



Beige/brown are very neutral colours that are appealing to the eye. You cannot go wrong with these colours.

Style your outfit with a warm brown bomber jacket for this veratile street look.

Photo credit: @youssefesawy

A business casual look, more casual than business would be as below. Pair your jeans with a shirt, beige cardigan and khaki jacket – all about that layering for those colder days. Accessorising with leather bags/wallets will give you a professional look.

Photo credit: @iammiari

The business casual look below is lovely. Pair a white shirt, with a beige cardigan and grey trousers. You can choose to style with white trainers or more formal shoes depending on your whereabouts. Smart shoes for the office and trainers for the after work party?

Photo credit: @yvi.ackerman

Struggling to find a beige cardigan/sweater? No worries, you can style your look with a beige coat/jacket for a professional look. Your beige jacket would work perfectly with navy blue/ black trousers.

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Which beaded bracelet can I style with these looks?

Our aqua terra beige beaded men’s bracelet works for any of these looks. Pair seamlessly with any of these outfits to stand out from the crowd.


Alternatively, our aqua terra beige beaded men’s bracelet with abalone shell will add that extra oomph. This beaded bracelet is perfect when you are travelling for those business meetings or just holidaying by the ocean.


Light Blue

Light blue has got to be our favourite colour. It has that cool and calming effect that will make you look good every single time.

Best thing about light blue is denim. Style your black and white casual street style with a denim jacket and you’re sorted.

Photo credit: @menwithstreetstyle

Want to look more fashionable than the average bloke? Why not style your denim jacket with khaki cotton trousers and a grey sweat-shirt?

Photo credit: @yvi.ackerman

This smart casual business look pairs a light blue denim shirt and grey jeans with leather loafers for that semi-professional look.

Photo credit: @mensoutfitprivilege

Which beaded bracelet can I style with these looks?

Our blue Imperial Jasper and black agate men’s beaded bracelet will pair perfectly with any of the light blue looks above. The turquoise imperial jasper beads have a lovely design that are sure to be popular with the ladies.


If you would like something a little more blingy, you could go for our blue imperial jasper and black agate beaded men’s bracelet with CZ rhinestone beads.


Navy Blue

Navy blue is a colour for all seasons and if you would like to keep it safe, this is the colour for you. Bold, classy and easy to style.

Keep your street style simple with a navy blue sweater, white t-shirt and grey jeans. Couldn’t get any more comfortable than this.


The easiest way to use navy blue in smart casual wear is to wear a dark blue jeans, shirt, cardigan/sweater. Complete with a navy blue or black jacket and leather shoes.

Photo credit: @rowanrow

Combine a polo shirt with a blue navy sweater for that warm and posh look. Wear with blue trousers for a professional look.


All blue, everything blue. Yes, you can pull it off. A blue suit and blue shirt is possible in the right shades – a perfect professional/business men’s look.


Which beaded bracelet can I style with these looks?

Our blue tiger eye is one of our favourites for its unusual chatoyancy. Pair with any of these navy blue looks and they’ll be asking where you got your accessory. Blue tiger eye is known for focus, truth, calmness and protection.


Something a bit more blingy? We got you.


We hope you enjoyed reading our post about Men’s wear for this Spring 2021 as well as the beaded bracelets for men that would be perfect for this season. Hopefully, you can update your wardrobe with some of these looks and stand out from the crowd. Till next time!