How to style your green blue jasper and brown tiger eye men’s beaded bracelets


Our green blue jasper and brown tiger eye men’s beaded bracelets are one of our best sellers and one of our favourite colours too. They are the kind of beaded bracelets men would usually wear on holiday/summer – or if you live by the beach or in a warm country, you could wear them in all seasons.



As summer is almost ending, we thought we would write up a guide on how to style these green jasper and brown tiger eye men’s beaded bracelets as you’ll most likely be booking a winter holiday somewhere warm, right?? Remember, our men’s personalised beaded bracelets take about 1 month to produce and then may take another 3-4 weeks to deliver to you if you go for the free shipping option. Alternatively, you could choose express shipping and we’ll get these to you within 1-3 days.

Hence, now is the perfect time to write up this guide 🙂




Styling these beaded bracelets for men is easy. All you have to do is to make sure they match with your outfit for the day. We have compiled a collection of looks which will give you inspiration on the kind of colours you could wear to match with these bracelets. Putting together an outfit based on the articles of clothing you own is up to you – use your imagination to create any one of the three looks – casual, smart casual or business!


Casual Wear


Men’s beaded bracelets are easily styled with casual wear without giving much thought to the wardrobe. Casual wear comprises of shorts, chinos and t-shirts/casual shirts.



Men’s beaded bracelets are great to style with jeans and t-shirts. The green jasper and brown tiger eye beaded bracelets would match perfectly with the combination above. The brown tiger eye beads compliment earthy colours such as olive green quite well.




You could also style the beaded bracelets with ripped jeans, a t-shirt and brown boots as the gent has done above.




The green jasper beaded bracelets would compliment this denim shirt perfectly and the brown tiger eye bracelet would match perfectly with his shoes. Note how the colours in this wardrobe combination go really well together. These are pretty much the same colours on the beaded bracelet as well.




Given that we are now in the early days of autumn, it is getting quite chilly. You can add a sweater to your look as above whilst styling your beaded bracelets. This gent has added an olive green sweater to his casual wear comprising of jeans and a shirt. The brown suede shoes match perfectly with this outfit and your green jasper and brown tiger eye beaded bracelets would match very well with this look.


Smart Casual Wear


Smart casual wear is perfect for those parties and high profile occasions that require you to look smart and yet have a laid back ambience.

The key to wearing smart casual is to add a smart blazer to your casual outfit which may comprise of a shirt/t-shirt and jeans/chinos. (Chinos are cotton trousers)




The gent above has managed to pull off a business look with his jeans, however, we would advise that you wear this wardrobe when you are more comfortable styling smart casual. Our recommendation would be to not add a tie and leave the blazer unbuttoned. You could always add a matching pocket square.

Your jasper and brown tiger eye beaded bracelet would match perfectly with all the articles in this look including the blazer, jeans and shoes.




The look above is an alternative to wearing jeans. Chinos look smarter with a blazer but they still fall in the smart casual category. This gent has styled his beige blazer with deep blue chinos and brown suede loafers. This is a great outfit to wear during a day event. The men’s beaded bracelets would match perfectly with these colours.




Autumn is a great time to wear those unusual rich colours such as olive/sea green, burgundy etc. The deep green blazer above would look great during the autumn season and accompanied with the blue chinos and brown loafers, this would make for a vibrant smart casual look.

The jasper and brown tiger eye men’s beaded bracelets would match perfectly with this look.


Business wear




Blue is a very versatile colour to wear when it comes to men’s suits. It is a good variation from the standard black colour and will make you stand out. You can also style brown formal shoes with a blue suit as the gent has done above.

Ofcourse, your jasper and brown tiger eye beaded bracelets would go perfectly with this suit and shoe combination. The key when styling beaded bracelets with formal wear is to keep it simple. Don’t over do it in terms of wearing bracelet stacks, otherwise you’ll look tacky and unprofessional. A simple beaded bracelet will look great with this look.




The suit above is a slight variation of the plain blue suit. Using a thin stripped navy blue material for suiting will make you stand out from the crowd. The gent above has also added a beige waist coat making this a 3 piece suited look. This is also a great combination to style with your men’s beaded bracelets.

You can also compliment the brown on your beaded bracelets by adding a brown hint to your outfit e.g you could wear a brown belt, a brown tie, brown shoes or compliment with a brown pocket square.




Finally, this gent has gone for a very bold look. His checked greenish-blue suit is a very unusual suit style and colour and it is a lovely colour to wear during the autumn/fall season. It may not be easy to pull off this look if you’re not comfortable wearing suits. Confidence is key. Make sure you select such a suit once you are comfortable styling suits. As always, as this suit has hints of blue and green in it, it would match with your tiger eye and jasper beaded bracelets.


How to style your green/blue jasper and brown tiger eye beaded men’s bracelets


Our green blue jasper and brown tiger eye beaded bracelets are very versatile and can be featured with several outfits as they are comprised of two natural stone colours. They are one of the best natural stone combinations we have in store and also one of our best sellers.




We hope the outfits above have given you some inspiration on how to style men’s beaded bracelets featuring the colours above and we look forward to seeing how you style your very own jasper and tiger eye beaded bracelets for men! Have a lovely day ahead!