One of the requests we have received time and again from our fans is that they would love to see stretchy beaded bracelets. These are easy to wear and look neat at the same time as there are no dangling ends.


We have not been too keen on these previously as elastic string is used to make these which means that the risk of the beaded bracelets breaking is quite high. The beaded bracelets could break if they are a size too small for your wrist or if they are not stored properly. Elements such as air/sweat etc can corrode the elastic string causing it to wear out. Furthermore, these beaded bracelets may break over time due to wear and tear. Most of the stores out there selling men’s beaded bracelets that are stretchy are aware of this but will not tell you that they could break. Unfortunately, the risk of breakage is simply something you have to take into account in exchange for the convenience of wearing a stretchy beaded bracelet and the fact that it looks quite neat next to your watch or simply by itself on your wrist.


We are not doing a very good job of selling our beaded bracelets, are we? Given that we have just introduced these two new irregular stone men’s beaded bracelets, we should be telling you how amazing they are – but we much rather be honest and upfront with you about the durability of stretchy bracelets. All stretchy bracelets out there, even those from the most reputable stores, have a limited life time. We have used the best cord possible for these stretchy beaded bracelets but we can tell you in all honesty, these stretchy beaded bracelets will not be as strong as our other macrame beaded bracelets in store.


Now that we have got that out of the way, we can tell you more about our men’s irregular stone beaded bracelets.


We wanted to use natural stones in designing our stretchy beaded bracelets but wanted to create something that is unlike most of the stretchy beaded bracelets out there. We also wanted these men’s bracelets to look more masculine and felt that a rugged look would be just right.

We chose black obsidian and black snow stone natural stones for these two designs. These natural stones are perfect to match with your wrist watch should you choose to wear these beaded bracelets alongside your watch.


Black Obsidian



Black Snow Stone



For the details, we settled on a statement silver skull charm as we felt this would make the stretchy beaded bracelets look manly. Our fans also seem to prefer the skull charms which look great on the bracelet.




Personally, what we love about these irregular natural stones is that they remind us that it is OK not to be perfect. As humans, we spend every living day striving to make everything perfect. In the process, we forget to live and don’t really appreciate life as much as we should. We seem to live in the future rather than the present in our effort to achieve perfection. In our opinion. these men’s beaded bracelets look perfect in their imperfection.




Introducing our new irregular natural stone men’s beaded bracelets


We would love to hear what you think of our new stretchy men’s beaded bracelets designs. We hope to introduce more colours in this collection, so do drop us a line if there’s a specific colour you would love to see!