Last minute Valentine’s day date ideas


We are in the second week of February and Valentine’s day is already upon us! What?? Yup, time flies! It was just the start of the year, wasn’t it?

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and you have not had the time to plan something. You could always book something now, it would be expensive but perhaps you can afford it. The issue is there may not be any bookings available! Regardless, we will point out a few booking ideas that you could check just incase there’s an extra two spaces available for you and your date.

So what could you possibly do to ensure that you have a lovely Valentine’s date with your other half? Here are our top 5 ideas!


1. Arrange a dinner date at home


Let’s face it, restaurants will be making the most of this day. They will have started taking bookings several months in advance, and by now there’s a slim chance to find a booking in a suitable restaurant for Valentine’s. If you are able to afford the up-market restaurants, you may still be able to get a booking here.

However, the question we always ask on Valentine’s day is, regardless of your financial standing, what is the point of dining at a restaurant on a day when everything will be severely over-priced and yet the menu/service stay the same? You could easily go to that restaurant on any other day and get the same service/food at half the price. Perhaps, they may create an ambience that reflects the lovey-doveyness of Valentine’s day, but then couldn’t you do this at home as well?

So why not take out some time and make dinner together at home? Make it extra special – cook a fresh three course meal and make it a candle-lit dinner. Food brings people together and there’s nothing more fun than cooking something you love with the person you love. Play some romantic music in the background and add some wine to the mix and you have a winner. All this in the comfort of your own house. In which restaurant could you do all this and ask your lady for a dance as well?

Want to make it lovey-dovey for her? Perhaps, you could add a touch of Valentine’s heart cup-cakes, or if you are quite the baker, make them yourself! Or perhaps you could bring out that chocolate fountain with fruits/marshmallows for dipping to bring back some old memories?

Finish off the night with a romantic movie and your lady will be the happiest woman alive.




2. Arrange a last minute spa package break


Finding a last minute spa package break at a hotel getaway might not be as hard as you think. As Valentine’s day falls on a Tuesday this year, if you can afford to take time off work, perhaps you could book a spa break for a night at a 5* hotel. We are assuming that most Valentine’s day spa breaks will be booked for the weekend, so you may be able to get away with an affordable spa break for Tuesday/Wednesday.

A spa break will be the perfect way to spend Valentine’s leaving you both relaxed. With a getaway from work and life in general, what better way to spend an intimate break with your Valentine?

If you are unable to find a suitable spa break, perhaps you could replicate this at home with candles, oil and massage. We don’t need to elaborate, do we? 😉




3. Spend Valentine’s evening doing what other couples don’t do


So pretty much every couple in town will be doing something “special” with their Valentine which involves going out for dinner or going to a bar. Why not do something alternative where you are unlikely to find many couples? Do you both like culture? Maybe you could spend the evening out at a museum/gallery and then walk down that memory lane where you first met. Do you both like stargazing? Maybe you could buy some hearts candy, hurdle up to keep warm and watch the stars? Find something that you both enjoy doing and make it extra special in a way that only you and her would understand. You can always go out for dinner to that nice restaurant or bar on another day.




4. Take her to a rooftop bar


Rooftop views in the night always blow the ladies away. If you can afford it, why not take your special lady to a rooftop bar where you could see both the lights below and the stars above from one vantage point? Drinks on a rooftop bar will leave your lady feeling extra special and it will be a memory that will last for a long time to come.




5. Vow to be a better man


So you weren’t able to book anything and now the only option is to celebrate Valentine’s day at home. Ofcourse, you can cook a special meal as in our first idea or you could order something in that you both like.

But do you know what will really blow your lady away? Showing your lady that you care what she thinks of you and you want to be a better man for her.

Buy a bunch of 12 red roses (or however many you want to). On each rose, tie a special note with a promise. What could the promise be? Get creative. Perhaps, it could be a 12 promises to take her to a special event/place for the next 12 dates. Perhaps, it could be 12 promises to do something nice for her forever. Perhaps, it could be a mixture of both.

This in our opinion will mean more to her than taking her to a fancy over-priced restaurant once a year to show your love. Show your love by expressing what you would like for the both of you, not just for one day, but for several days to come.




6. Celebrate as a family

Valentine’s day is a day of love and it doesn’t necessarily have to be celebrated by just couples. You can also celebrate it with your wife and children, as a family, by organising a special dinner party at home. Given that we live in an era where divorce is more common than ever, celebrating marriage could be a beautiful thing. Cook a special home-made meal for your family and give the children a special treat with a fun rom-com movie on a Tuesday night!


How will you be celebrating Valentine’s day? We would love to hear from you so please do leave a comment below!