Mens Beaded Bracelets of the Week 17/05/17



Here is our weekly roundup of our favourite men’s beaded bracelets. Enjoy! πŸ™‚


1) Men’s Brown Tiger Eye, Jasper and Aqua Terra Beaded Bracelet Stack




We thought we would start off this week’s round up of our top men’s beaded bracelet picks with this really cool lifestyle shot. This gent has styled his bracelet stack with neutral colours that can be matched well with any wardrobe. Ofcourse here, his brown tiger eye beaded bracelet matches perfectly with his leather jacket (as well as his cigar! πŸ˜€ ) The aqua terra beaded bracelet and sea green jasper bracelet are both earthy neutral colours that blend well with the gold tiger eye stones and his overall outfit.

(Note how he has only styled beaded bracelets and not included a wrist watch next to the bracelets – this is to ensure the wrist does not look too busy. More than 3 bracelets? Leave out the wrist watch.)

We absolutely love aqua terra beads as they are so versatile and can pretty much match any outfit that you’ll wear.



2. Men’s Black Beaded Bracelets Stack Styled With Rolex Watch




Black is the easiest colour to style and easily our favourite and most mysterious colour as well. It just has a certain level of elegance and luxury to it. We love how this gent has styled his black Rolex Sea-dweller with these two black beaded bracelets. The silver and rhodium rhinestone beads add some cool accents to this look that match the silver details on the watch.

Two men’s beaded bracelets and a wrist watch? This is a hell-yes from us!


3. Men’s personalised beaded bracelet with Rolex Watch




This gent has decided to style his rolex watch with a bracelet stack including both men’s beaded bracelets as well as a leather bracelet. This is actually a great idea for those of you who are worried about scratching your watch with your bracelets. Adding a leather/PU men’s bracelet like this can help reduce any damage and put you at ease if you choose to wear beaded bracelets.

This gent’s deep sea-green jasper beads bracelet matches perfectly with his green Rolex watch. He has added a personalised men’s beaded bracelet with his initials to complete this look. That men’s personalised bracelet is ofcourse from our very own store πŸ™‚

The gold tiger eye beads on the personalised GS initials bracelet match well with the green beaded bracelet.




4. Green Rolex watch styled with black agate and green and brown tiger eye beaded bracelets




This multicoloured bracelet stack is such a great way to include multiple colours on your wrist without stacking too many bracelets. Using black as the main backdrop for this beaded bracelet stack makes it easy to style the green tiger eye and brown tiger eye colours with your wardrobe.

This men’s beaded bracelet stack matches perfectly with this gent’s entire wardrobe. The brown tiger eye beads complement his shoes, sweater, chinos and belt whereas the green tiger eye beads match his Rolex.

Great style overall.


5. Men’s Personalised Bracelet styled with wrist watch




This men’s personalised beaded bracelet draws enough attention to it to keep it simple when styling this wrist look. The black personalised plate makes a statement whereas the black agate and black rhodium rhinestone beads match perfectly with this Panerai watch.

Using black as the backdrop for this men’s beaded bracelet allows for a hint of colour to be added via the rainbow hematite beads without the bracelet looking out of place.

This personalised men’s bracelet is perfect for those nights out, dinner parties and festivals! Perfect for summer.


Men’s Beaded Bracelets of the Week


Hope you enjoyed our weekly roundup of men’s beaded bracelets! What do you think of these men’s beaded bracelets and which ones would you style? Let us know in the comments below!