Men’s Beaded Bracelets – Why Black is such a popular colour


When it comes to style, men love black. Period. Whether it’s a suit, wallet, bag or even beaded bracelets, black is always the winning colour.

You would hope that as it comes to spring or summer, men may choose to be a bit more colourful atleast with their wrists (we mean wear colourful beaded bracelets), but this remains to be seen. We remain hopeful.

This February, we will be launching our new collection of men’s beaded bracelets with over 25 colour combinations and we hope to change this safe trend of always wearing black. Because wearing colour is fun! Right?!?

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So why is black such a popular colour, more specifically why are black beaded bracelets so popular? Well, here are a few ideas:


  1. Black goes with everything.

When it comes to fashion, men aren’t exactly on top of their fashion game. Most men anyway (though this has changed quite a lot in recent years). It’s simply easy to pick the safest colour, black, and go with it. Because it matches everything and anything. Most men tend to go for black beaded bracelets because it’s easy to simply slip it on without having to think about the various colour combinations and whether it will match with the rest of the outfit.


2. Black beaded bracelets will usually match with their watch

If he chooses to wear his beaded bracelet alongside his watch, it would most likely be best to wear a black bracelet. Black beaded bracelets match well with all the watches. Most of our fans tend to be watch collectors with multiple watches in various colours. It’s always nice to go for a bracelet that will match all the watches!


3. Black beaded bracelets are safe. (or are they?)

Let’s get real. Wearing bracelets for men is a fairly new concept. In fact, most men that we come across raise their eyebrows when we mention bracelets for men. They can’t be blamed – they are yet to be educated in the art of style for the modern man. They’ll come around. For a man who has never worn bracelets before, wearing black beaded bracelets is a safe option as it doesn’t scream for too much attention. They hope that somehow it will blend in with the rest of their accessories ie watch. Most times, black beaded bracelets do blend in, however, dear friends, bracelets are for showing off your style not blending in.

Our first time customers usually buy black beaded bracelets. They love them so much that they come back for more, but this time in other colours 🙂


4. Black is mysterious.

There’s something about the colour black that can’t be explained. Perhaps wearing black is about making a statement. “I’m not that easy to read”.


5. Black is powerful

In some cultures, black is associated with power, in other cultures, it is associated with destruction. Several ancient cultures also associated black with the power of protection. The evil eye was warded off by wearing a black amulet or black kohl. Infact, black agate beaded bracelets were worn for strength, protection and confidence. Black is a powerful colour and hence black beaded bracelets make the perfect colour for the powerful man.


6. Black is timeless.

Black has been the most loved colour in fashion for as long as we know. It is a classic colour and can never go out of fashion. Hence, wearing black beaded bracelets means that these bracelets can be worn throughout the years and seasons without going out of fashion. As we mentioned earlier, colourful bracelets are perfect for wearing during the spring and summer seasons.


7. Black is professional.

Well, unless you are your own boss, wearing multiple coloured bracelets on your wrist to a meeting won’t really cut it. However, wearing a single black beaded bracelet will be perfect as it won’t cause too much of a distraction. If anything, it will create a bit of interest and might even win you that deal! 🙂


We go one step further by allowing you to add your name initials to these bracelets to make them really masculine and stand out. You can even choose the material of the bracelet plate from gold steel, black steel, 925 sterling silver and gold.

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