Men’s Beaded and Leather Bracelets of the week 22/08/17


It’s yet again time for our favourite post of the week – our top picks of men’s beaded bracelets and men’s leather bracelets for this week. We are currently loving men’s leather bracelets and are happy to add these to our top picks as they are great for novices who are just beginning to wear bracelets and also look very classy next to your wrist watch.


1) Men’s Beaded Macrame Bracelet and Men’s Black Stingray Leather Bracelet




This men’s bracelet stack is a perfect combination with a rhodium plated macrame beaded bracelet and a black exotic stingray leather bracelet cuff. This black combination matches perfectly with the black Rolex Watch. You can not go wrong with this combination. It can be styled with any outfit as black is a universal colour.


2. Men’s Blue Leather Bracelet paired with Gold Rolex watch




This is a lovely blue combination pairing a blue leather men’s bracelet cuff with a Rolex watch. The gold accents on the leather bracelet match the watch perfectly and the blue leather bracelet has been matched perfectly with the blue shirt.


3. Men’s Beaded Personalised Bracelet styled with watch




This personalised beaded bracelet with your initials from our store is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Made to order just for you, this is the perfect way to reflect an exclusive VIP style. It is also great for men who are just starting to wear bracelets and would like to wear something with meaning.


4. Grey Men’s Macrame Stopper Bracelet and Grey Stingray Leather Bracelet for Men




This grey combination of a rhodium/grey macrame beaded men’s bracelet and grey stingray leather men’s bracelet looks great with this Rolex watch. This men’s bracelet stack looks great for a casual look and this gent has matched his wrist with denim for a perfect Saturday look.


5. Men’s Beaded and Leather Bracelet Stack




This is one of our favourite men’s bracelet stack combinations. The brown leather bracelet is perfect alongside the watch to prevent any scratches and the brown tiger eye natural stone beads add an element of class to this look. The entire bracelet stack matches the gold Cartier watch.


Men’s Beaded bracelets and men’s leather bracelet picks of the week


We hope you found some new and cool inspiration from our top picks this week. We will be back soon with more awesome matches such as these soon! Have a lovely day!