Men’s bracelets of the Month – Sept 2016


Following on from our last post on top picks in men’s bracelets, we decided to make this a monthly post as it was quite popular. Styling wrists, especially with your luxury watches can really make you stand out from the crowd, hence it is good to know what the style influencers out there are wearing on their wrists.

Here our top 5 picks in men’s bracelets this week! Enjoy!


1. Classic black and silver

Instagram @gentlemennotes

You can never go wrong when it comes to making a statement with the colours black and silver. Teamed together they are a classic statement. This gentleman has teamed his black and silver Rolex with black agate natural stone bracelets complete with filigree silver elements, creating a stylish look that can be worn both during a casual day out as well as a night out.





2. Stylish black and red gold

Instagram: @whatusmenlike

Again another example of a classic but luxurious high end look. We love how this gent has used red gold rather than the classic yellow gold to style his look. Accompanied with his black and red gold watch, these beaded bracelets create the perfect wrist game. We can’t help but fall in love with his red gold Hermes belt as well!

These accessories go well with a white shirt and grey blazer. This gent has completed the look by styling with a matching pocket square, cufflinks and cartier rings.

This is a clean crisp luxurious look great for a work meeting or an evening date.





3. Sporty blue/black

Instagram: @whatusmenlike

Styling sporty watches can be quite tricky. We love this gent’s approach to styling his luxury Hublot watch.

He has created a stylish and sporty look by pairing his blue lapis lazuli natural stone buddha bracelet with his black and blue Hublot sports watch. This combo looks great. On the downside, we must admit that this look would be better without the red gold steel hexagon bracelet. This bracelet makes the wrist game look too busy and takes away from the simplicity of the black and blue beads bracelet.

So, the Hublot watch paired with the blue lapis lazuli beaded bracelet creates a great relaxed look with a twist of class, don’t you agree?





4. All Black, Everything Black

Instagram: @luxuriousballer

You would think a green and silver rolex submariner would be teamed with green beaded or silver accessories. But no, this gent has gone all black. He has teamed his green rolex submariner with black beaded macrame bracelets to create one hell of a statement look.

You can never go wrong with black and his wristgame matches perfectly with his Hermes belt and black outfit.

This look is perfect for that Saturday out with your mates.





5. Going for gold!

Instagram: @whatusmenlike

If you want to take it up a notch and go totally gold (and be seen for it), why not add extra rose gold beaded bracelet accessories to an Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller Rose Gold Rolex? It brings out the colour beautifully and creates a statement, don’t you agree??




There can never be too many accessories. It’s all about combining the beaded bracelets and non-beaded bracelets just right so that the wrist does not look too busy but at the same time looks complete. Combining small beaded bracelets with bigger bead bracelets and adding industrial design bracelets in the mix as well can create a very unusual but cool wristgame.


It’s all about playing around with different styles and using what works for you. It’s good to keep it simple when you start styling your wrists and start taking it up a notch once you are feeling confident.


So there we have our top styles for the month. Let us know if you have any thoughts on how these gents have accessorised their wrists.


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