Men’s bracelets of the week – 09 Aug 16


We are strong advocates of the saying, “Pictures tell a thousand words”. We feel pictures are the best and easiest way for you to get a feeling on how to style your bracelets with your luxury watches. With this in mind, we will be posting the best wrist game shots we come across every week. We hope this excites you as much as it excites us 🙂


Best Styles this week:


  1. Instagram: @b1948

With summer in full swing, we absolutely loved this instagrammer’s white wrist game style. He has styled his white dial rolex watch with white howlite natural stone bracelets and a white iphone cover with his initials ofcourse. He understands us, it’s all about initials 😉 This is a simple and clean look and perfect for that holiday abroad, on the beach or on your yacht.




2. Instagram: @princeofmonacodibaviera

This instagrammer knows how to match his natural stone bracelets perfectly with his Rolex GMT watch. Blue and black are our favourite colours too. He has teamed up blue lapis lazuli natural stone bracelets and black agate natural stone bracelets with his blue Rolex GMT luxury watch. These colours are perfect for office and work wear, sure to get those heads turning and make you stand out.




3. Instagram: @luxuriousballer

Several of you probably have a silver luxury watch and it’s a good idea to know how to style silver watches. This instagrammer has gone for a different style of python-skin bracelets to style his Rolex. He has used blue/black/white python-skin bracelets to style his watch which are a safe combo. What do you think of this wrist style?





This gent has kept his wrist style sweet and simple by styling his silver Audemars Piguet watch with a single blue jasper natural stone beaded bracelet. With silver filigree detail beads, this beaded bracelet matches perfectly with his silver watch.




5. Instagram: @santa_laura

We love this gent’s style because he has thought about matching not just his bracelets but his entire outfit. His gold Rolex with a deep blue dial is matched perfectly with his aqua python-style bracelet and blue lens shades. Furthermore, his gold watch also compliments his blazer and gold frame sunglasses. We simply love it when we come across gentlemen that put a lot of thought into their entire outfit and make it work.




We hope you got a feeling for how to style your wrist wear ie your watches and men’s bracelets. Visit us again next week for the best 5 wrist candy shots we come across! 🙂