Men’s Bracelets of the week 12/07/21


It’s yet again time for our favourite post of the week – our top picks of men’s beaded bracelets and men’s leather bracelets for this week.

Men’s bracelets always look very trendy styled next to your wrist watch and will make a style statement.

Check out our men’s bracelets picks below for this week!

Men's Miyuki Beaded Bracelet


We love the minimalistic look of this men’s miyuki beaded bracelet. This understated blue beads bracelet is a perfect match with the blue Rolex watch dial.

Blue is a universally loved colour and can work with most men’s outfits. Men’s miyuki beaded bracelets are perfect for the modern man who is minimalistic or if you are just starting to wear men’s beaded bracelets.

Men's Personalised Tiger Eye & Jasper Beaded Bracelet


Men’s personalised beaded bracelets are a great luxury style statement and also make for perfect gifts.

We love this personalised men’s bracelet because it has brown tiger eye stones and natural lake jasper stones that truly stand out. These colours can match flawlessly with your casual and smart casual outfits.

If you are unsure about wearing men’s bracelets, this sort of personalised men’s bracelet is a great way to break into this trend. Also, personalised men’s bracelets will make for a cool ice breaker.

Men's Stingray & Python Leather Bracelets


This men’s bracelets combo is not for the faint hearted. If you love your luxury watches, a stingray or python leather bracelet will definitely add that luxury feel to it.

We love this yellow python leather men’s bracelet and black stingray men’s bracelet combo for the summer season.

This bracelet stack is perfectly styled with the Audemars Piguet watch.

Men's Anchor Rope Bracelet


A very classic neutral colour men’s bracelet that will match flawlessly with your casual and smart casual looks.

This anchor rope bracelet for men is perfect for the sailors and also makes a pretty cool fashion statement for the non-sailors.

It would not stand out as much as a men’s beaded bracelet and therefore is a great way for you to start wearing men’s bracelets.

Men's Black Agate Beaded Bracelets


This is a classic men’s beaded bracelet stack with black agate beads.

This black agate men’s beaded healing bracelet will match perfectly with all your outfits.

Keep it minimalistic with only one black agate beaded bracelet.

Black agate men’s beaded bracelets are the perfect match for your luxury watches and it goes well with this black dial Rolex watch.

Shop our Men's Black Agate Skull Bracelet


If you would like to buy a men’s black agate beaded bracelet but would like something a bit more masculine, why not check out our skull beaded bracelet as above?

The skull charm adds that more masculine touch and will look great next to your watch. This men’s healing beaded bracelet comprises of black agate natural stone beads and a stainless steel silver skull charm with AAA quality CZ rhinestones.