Celebrities are wearing beaded bracelets. So what? Celebrities can get away with anything they wear. How are average folk like you and me supposed to wear and style beaded bracelets? Today, we will highlight several male bloggers who are at the forefront of fashion and are wearing men’s beaded bracelets.

These fashion bloggers are normal folk just like us but they are at the top of their fashion game and know what’s in and what’s out. They spend most of their time analysing fashion trends and choosing the best to style so you can trust them.


1) He Spoke Style


One of our favourite fashion bloggers is Brian Sacawa of He Spoke Style. Brian is a professional musician and former athlete ( elite cycle racer) who created his men’s fashion blog for regular guys interested in men’s fashion. Like us, Brian believes style isn’t just about the clothes and accessories that you wear, but also about your lifestyle.

We love Brian’s personal style. It is a mix of the professional man who likes to wear suits and look classy but he also has a great casual style that does not involve anything to do with ripped jeans. Brian’s style is reminiscent of the city worker/entrepreneur.

Brian has been wearing men’s beaded bracelets for over 2 years now. He highlights beaded bracelets as great details for the summer months.




Brian shows us how beaded bracelets can be styled not only with casual wear but also with classic smart wear as well. It’s all about matching the colours right.





2. Men’s Style Pro


Another one of our favourite men’s fashion bloggers is Sabir M Peele over at Men’s Style Pro. Sabir has been named one of Esquire Magazine’s “5 Best Dressed Real Men in America” and was also selected by GQ Magazine as their #GQFall Best Dressed. Sabir currently acts as an executive stylist for GQ. Previously, Sabir was an NCAA track & field athlete.

Sabir’s style is really fascinating to us. It is very bold and would appeal to the guy who is not afraid to push fashion boundaries. His styling is unlike other fashion bloggers and it is pretty obvious that a lot of thought goes into all the outfits he styles. In our opinion, Sabir’s style would appeal to the younger guy who loves fashion and wants to make a mark. Sabir’s style is also great for creatives.




Sabir usually tends to style his men’s beaded bracelets with both smart casual and casual looks. The key is to ensure the bracelets match with your wardrobe.






3. One Dapper Street


When it comes to casual/street style, we absolutely love Marcel’s style over at One Dapper street. Marcel is a creative who went to fashion school, did a bit of modeling and loves photography. His passion for fashion led him to start a fashion blog with his social pages attracting over 350,000 followers! He has got to be doing something right!

Marcel’s style is the perfect balance for a man about town who is a professional and loves to spend his free time exploring. His personal style is a good mix of all the styles an average Joe would wear i.e. professional suits, smart casual (blazer and chinos) and casual mens wear.

Marcel tends to style his beaded bracelets mainly with his smart casual and street style looks.










4. Kish Style


We love Kish’s fashion blog because Kish is a well travelled men’s fashion blogger who has lived in several countries including Sri Lanka, Oman, France and Canada. Having lived in several countries, Kish has probably seen more fashion trends and understands fashion culture and lifestyle better than most bloggers out there.

Kish’s personal style is quite bold and eccentric. He tends to combine the casual and smart looks to create something completely new. This combined with his travels adds a hint of fresh. As he has been involved in fashion since 2013, he has a wide knowledge about fashion and he is the kind of blogger you can look upto for fashion inspiration and the latest trends. His style would mainly suit the creatives and the explorer. However, the non-creatives/non-explorers can also borrow a page or two from his fashion book (look).




Kish tends to combine his beaded bracelets with most of his looks. As we mentioned, Kish’s style seems to be an overlap of casual, smart casual and smart all in one. Following his blog can give you an idea of how to style beaded bracelets perhaps with one of the style items he wears

eg This look can give you an idea of how to style men’s beaded bracelets with a suit




This look can give you inspiration on how to style your beaded bracelets with work wear




This look can give you inspiration on how to style your beaded bracelets with a smart casual look



This look can give you inspiration on how to style your beaded bracelets with either smart casual or a street style look






5. The Simple Gentleman


Larry over at the Simple Gentleman is exactly just that. His style is so classic, simple and clean that anyone, and we mean anyone can style it. You do not have to worry about whether something looks out of place. Larry is a men’s lifestyle blogger and he combines fashion, lifestyle and travel all in one blog – which means that he is the perfect example of the regular guy out there.

We absolutely love Larry’s style and his style actually reflects what we here at Ephori London are looking to portray. For us, the clean casual, smart casual and professional look define the ideal gentleman.

Larry matches his men’s beaded bracelets seamlessly with every single outfit he styles them with. His colours are perfectly co-ordinated and if you have never seen men’s beaded bracelets before, you would probably want to start styling them after being inspired by Larry’s style.








Top 5 Men’s fashion bloggers wearing men’s beaded bracelets

We hope you enjoyed reading about our top 5 fashion bloggers that are wearing men’s beaded bracelets. As you can see, it’s not just celebrities who style beaded bracelets. Any man can style beaded bracelets are these have become very trendy and look great beside your wrist watch or even on the opposite wrist. Do you know any other cool fashion blogger/are you a fashion blogger that styles beaded bracelets like these? Do comment below! We would love to showcase your style as well!