Movember moustachioe’s!


Tis’ the month of November, the month of grey skies and cold frost but for the men, it’s also a month of fun (and health awareness). It’s time to ditch the razor and get moustachioed!

Thirteen years ago, the term Movember was coined. Movember was a movement that was set up to raise awareness of men’s health. 13 years later, Movember is still going strong and it is now the new November!

Started in Melbourne, Australia in 2003, Movember has raised awareness and money for charities fighting prostate cancer, testicular and mental health issues such as depression. With over 5 million people referring themselves as ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’, the movement is now a recognised charity called Movember Foundation.


In order to be part of the movement, you need to:


1/ Begin 1st of November (today) with a clean shave

2/ For a whole month you must grow and groom your moustache, no beards or goatees if possible.



Getting involved though means a commitment for the month, but all in a good cause. Once you’ve grown the facial hair, you can then get into styling it. One quick way is to grow the full beard and then shave it into a style you like.

So what type of moustaches can you have – we’ve pulled together a few inspired looks, the rest is up to you!


The Chevron Moustache

A very popular style sported by and made popular by Tom Selleck and Freddie Mercury. It’s an easy style to create and a very masculine style.




The Pencil Moustache

Tap into your Clark Gable and Errol Flinn look for a very forties and stylish trim moustache. This one will require a little more attention and grooming to keep the pencil look clean! Here’s your chance to bring the 1940’s vintage fashion look back with a smart suit, suit vest and you can even add a Fedora hat while you’re at it!




The Handlebar Moustache

Takes you back to the Victorian era with a modern twist. This is now becoming a popular style for those who can brave it. The look is effective and eye catching. With some styling wax, this look will definitely get the heads turning.




The Horseshoe/ Handlebar Moustache

If you’re looking to unleash the Hulk Hogan in you, then try the Horseshoe/ Handlebar moustache. Grow a goatee and then shave the beard part of the moustache leaving the sides to create what looks like handlebars.




The Scruffy Moustache

This is one of the easiest of the moustaches and probably only needs a little maintenance (as the name suggests). Favoured by the likes of Jonny Depp, James Franco and Ryan Gosling, this is usually accompanied by stubble.




So which moustache (or Mo as they call it) will you opt for? Here’s a fun video on how to grow a Mo by the Movember foundation! Enjoy 🙂