Natural stone bracelets for men as seen on celebrities


Natural stone bracelets are the hottest trend in men’s jewellery right now, but these have been popular amongst celebrities for a long time – and we mean male celebrities too!

Natural stone bracelets have long been thought to be associated with spiritual energy because of the natural stones which are semi-precious stones and occur naturally in the earth’s surface. It is not surprising that natural stones are associated with such powers given they look beautiful and yet have formed naturally over time. It’s hard to imagine how these could have materialised.

Natural stones such as those on yellow gold tiger eye bracelets are thought to be stones of protection and confidence. Other natural stones such as those on black agate bracelets are thought to be stones of strength, protection and calmness. Each natural stone is associated with a positive kind of energy that can aid in healing, probably spiritually, mentally as well as emotionally. However, it is always important to remember that these can not replace prescriptions/health care information that do benefit in healing the physical body.


Here are the celebrities that we have spotted wearing beaded bracelets!


Didier Dogba, a professional footballer is seen sporting a natural stone beaded bracelet


David Guetta, the French DJ, is seen sporting some serious wrist game with multiple shamballa style beaded bracelets


David Beckham, a former professional English footballer, seen matching small and large natural stone beaded bracelets.


Cam Newton, an American Football Quarterback, is seen rocking his wristgame with colourful natural stones with the promise of hope.


David Beckham, a former English footballer, seen wearing natural stone bracelets for men.


Johnny Depp, aka Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean, knows how to style his jewellery for men. He is spotted wearing spiritual beaded natural stone bracelets for men.


Sean Combs, aka P.Diddy, aka Puff Daddy, aka Puffy Diddy, spotted wearing a black agate natural stone bracelet with a shamballa style


Liam Hemsworth,an Australian actor best know for the Hungergames, spotted wearing yellow gold tiger eye bracelets for men


Ezra Miller, an American Actor, styling his wrists with large natural stone bracelets.


Jason Aldean, an american country music singer, spotted wearing beaded stone bracelets


Joe Jonas, an american singer, styles his watch with a tiger eye stone bracelet


Justin Bieber, the pop idol, spotted wearing multiple beaded bracelets in Madamn Tussauds


Liam Hemsworth wearing his multiple natural stone bracelets


Kris Allen, an American musician, rocks his yellow gold tiger eye bracelet on stage


Wiz Khalifa, the American rapper, uping his wristgame with men’s beaded bracelets


There’s got to be something about these natural stone bracelets for men if celebrities are loving styling these. We have natural stone bracelets in store for men which can be personalised as well with your initials, because we like to take it one step further.


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