Our top 5 men’s beaded bracelets colours this Spring


Spring is now in full bloom and so are the brighter colours when it comes to fashion. Black, beige, brown, navy blue, grey are all great neutral colours for the autumn and winter seasons but you’ve got to experiment with brighter colours in spring. Basically, don’t be boring. 😀

Here are our top 5 picks of our favourite men’s beaded bracelets colours for this spring in store. These beaded bracelets colours will be great to match with your casual wardrobe this spring if you choose to wear brighter colours.


1. Light Blue Imperial Jasper and Black Agate Men’s Beaded Bracelets UK


This beaded bracelet for men comprises of light blue imperial jasper stones on one half of the bracelet and black agate natural stones on the other half of the bracelet. We love this beaded bracelet because it has an element of black in it. If you are wearing men’s beaded bracelets for the first time or you are not comfortable wearing brighter beaded bracelets, this is a great beaded bracelet to start off with as it combines both a bright colour and a neutral colour.

Blue is always a cool colour to wear and this beaded bracelet will most probably match most of your wardrobe as we are sure you must own a lot of blue clothing 🙂 The light blue beads are also bright and perfect for spring. The light beige streaks add an element of nature and edge to the blue beads breaking the single colour. This, in our opinion, is a great beaded bracelet for men to style with their wardrobe during spring.


2. Brown tiger eye and Jasper Men’s Beaded Bracelets UK




This brown tiger eye and jasper beaded bracelet for men has got to be our favourite combination bracelet and we are sure you’ll agree 🙂

The brown tiger eye stones are very eye catching and are a neutral colour that would match your wardrobe. The second half of the bracelet with the jasper stones adds a bit of colour to your beaded bracelet for that spring feel. Once again, the jasper stones are of a blue colour with a brown mix so that they have that edge to it but look grounding and earthy. The brown tiger eye natural stones also have a captivating chatoyancy effect that changes with the light.

Wearing this sort of combination men’s beaded bracelet ensures that it looks unique but at the same time is not over the top. This is a mildly bright coloured men’s beaded bracelet that is great for those who are just beginning to wear bracelets.


3. Green dyed Epidote Men’s Beaded bracelets UK


Our green dyed epidote men’s beaded bracelet does not need an introduction for spring. It is the colour of spring. The epidote natural stones are a deep green dyed with a dark purple pigment that gives them that perfect contrast.

This beaded bracelet would be perfect to wear on that casual weekend out and is sure to turn heads. The deep green colour makes the beaded bracelet bright enough for spring. Not for the faint-hearted. This would match perfectly with your green watch.




4. Black Agate and Abalone Shell Beaded Bracelet For Men UK




This is a classic black agate men’s beaded bracelet with a touch of abalone shell to it. Abalone shell is a unique shell that almost has a magical effect to it. You are unlikely to find another men’s beaded bracelet out there that uses abalone shells like we do – these are our own unique designs and this means that your own personalised beaded bracelet will be pretty unique too.

This black beaded bracelet is great for those of you who like black but wouldn’t mind adding a bit mystery to your bracelet. You have to admit – this bracelet looks like it has its own thing going on altogether. Those abalone shell beads look like they might be made of dark matter.

This bracelet can be worn with any one of your casual outfits. The black beads ensure that this beaded bracelet is versatile. The abalone shells only work to draw that attention to your wrist should an on-looker miss it.


5. Aqua Terra Jasper Men’s Beaded Bracelets UK




Our aqua terra jasper men’s beaded bracelet looks like it is made of the earth. When you look upon this beaded bracelet, it has a very grounding feel to it. This beaded bracelet has all the neutral colours amalgamated into it with attitude.

This bracelet is bright and perfect for spring, even though it can be worn all year round because of its very neutral colours such as brown, white, grey, beige. This bracelet is great for those who are just starting to wear bracelets and wouldn’t mind trying something different as spring’s come round. This bracelet would match most of your wardrobe from white t-shirts to grey blazers to beige shorts.


These 5 picks of beaded bracelets for men are our top picks this spring and we hope you like them too 🙂 Have a sunny day ahead!