Personalised Men’s Bracelets


Today, we want to mull over our personalised men’s bracelets. Why are we vouching for personalisation and why are most of our men’s bracelets personalised?

Well, because personalisation is the next big disrupter in fashion. Personalisation has already started taking root in the fashion world, it is no longer something new and novel, however, as time progresses, we are bound to see more and more of this in everyday products. Personalisation has almost become a necessity in products such as men’s personalised jewellery, men’s personalised shoes, men’s personalised wallets, personalised i-phone cases etc. Thanks to all the new technologies out there, personalisation of almost anything will soon be possible. Our own men’s personalised bracelets are made to order using cutting-edge 3d printing technology.

So why is personalisation such a big deal? Rather, why are our personalised men’s bracelets a big deal? ๐Ÿ˜›


1. Unique


We all want something unique. We want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. We want to be different. Personalisation makes an item unique to you – it may not be as unique as an identity number, but it will be unique enough for people to take notice. For example, our men’s personalized bracelets can have your name initials on it or even your name. Even though there may be several other people out there with your name/name initials, people will straight away get an inkling of your identity from your personalised bracelet.


2. Connection


Most people wear a fashion product because it is trending – because they have seen someone else wear it. But some people will wear something only if it has meaning to them. When it comes to men’s bracelets, these are relatively new on the fashion scene for men’s staples. Men may/may not entirely be confident wearing men’s bracelets as there is a presumption that bracelets are for women – which is not true. Despite this, this notion is widespread.

Wearing a bracelet that actually has meaning or a connection to them may be the reason a man wears a bracelet at all. Our personalised men’s bracelets with your name initials will be directly connected to you as they connect with your name – your identity.

One thing we have noticed since we launched our personalised bracelets is others may not really care about your personalised bracelet as much as you do. It’s the same with your name, right? Your name is the sweetest sound to your ears. When you hear your name, you are all ears. Another person who hears your name won’t have the same reaction. It is because your name has been used to identify you since birth. It is the one thing you have always had. The same goes for our personalised initials bracelets. We have noticed a certain sense of pride when our fans/customers wear their personalised initials bracelets. It all comes down to being connected to your bracelet in a way no one else understands.


3. Conversation starter


Perhaps you love all that extra attention. Perhaps you like breaking the ice wherever you go. Wearing a personalised bracelet is likely to be that conversation starter, more than you realise. When you are in a new surrounding around new people, the first thing people will notice is what you are wearing. They may quickly scout you to notice anything unusual or different and we can guarantee that the one thing they will definitely notice is your personalised bracelet. The first statement will be, “that’s a cool bracelet – I’ve never seen anything like it before.” The second thing they say will be, “What are those letters on your bracelet? What do they mean?” You’ll have introduced yourself without even needing to say anything.

Our personalized bracelets could actually be great if you are going to a networking event and want to be remembered. First of all, you’ll be asked about who you are before you even need to say it and secondly, you’ll be the person they’ll remember when they leave that event.


4. Status


Personalising an item always costs more than a standard item off the shelf. Everyone knows this. Wearing our personalised men’s bracelets will definitely make those around you feel that you are a very important person and have the status and wealth to buy something personalised. It may not seem like a big deal as you read this, but believe us when we say it’s the little things that matter. People notice details and if they notice that you are wearing something that is not easy to find or is unique to you, they’ll definitely assume that there’s more to you than meets the eye in terms of your financial standing.


5. Personality


What you wear can say a lot about your personality. When you meet someone new who doesn’t know you, the first thing they have to go by about you is what you are wearing. Most people, especially in the UK, are very conservative. We stick to the safe zone and stick to safe colours when styling our outfits. It is quite boring. This is changing with the younger generation who are more open-minded in cross-border fashion.

Wearing our personalized bracelets would make you stand out from the crowd instantly giving you a personality that tells others you have your own mind, are willing to experiment and are adventurous. Our natural stones are also associated with positive qualities such as confidence, strength, inner peace and to those who are aware of the positive traits associated with the beads, you’ll appear as someone who is self-aware and on a higher level of being.


Types of personalised men’s bracelets we have in store

We have two types of personalized bracelets for men in store:


1. Name initial personalised men’s bracelets


Our first bracelets that we launched were men’s personalised bracelets with your name initials. These have been so popular mainly due to the fact that they say something about you without giving too much away.

Our personalised bracelets are available in a multitude of colours. Your personalised initials can be 3d printed on a plate in a variety of metals as well.




You can add 3 initials to the personalised bracelets ( we take care of your middle name as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Our personalised initial bracelets look great when worn alongside your wrist watch.




2. Personalised Word Men’s Bracelets


We have also recently launched some new personalised bracelets with a word that you can add as long as it is 8 characters long – otherwise it will be too long to fit on your wrist.

The word you add on your wrist is upto you.

It could be your own name…




It could be your company name…




Or it could even be your social media name…



We are sure you can see how cool these bracelets are and there is no limit to your imagination. Whatever you dream up, we can add it to our personalised men’s bracelets. If you have a unique idea, drop us an email at, we might just be able to create that dream bracelet for you! ๐Ÿ™‚