Red Letter Day Luxury Experiences to try out!


So Christmas is fast approaching and before you know it, it will be time to put on your Christmas paper crowns!

Have you thought about your wish list for Christmas?  Well if you’re stuck,  here are some red letter day ideas you might like to look at! These ideas are pretty unique and will make for an unforgettable experience this Christmas!


Survival in The Highlands with Bear Grylls Survival Academy

If there is an adventurer in you, then this gift idea will be just what you will want to try out. Offered as a 5 day course, you’ll get to try out the Bear Grylls experience with experts in Scotland.  You will learn survival techniques, build an emergency shelter and cook exciting wilderness food and much more.




Ferrari 458 Spider Weekend Hire

A driving experience of this legendary Italian racing car will be unforgettable. Built in conjunction with Michael Schumacher and earning many awards, it boasts an incredible a 0-60 MPH time of 3.3 seconds and an impressive top speed of 202 MPH.




Aero L-39 Jet Flight in Germany

This is definitely NOT for the faint hearted.  Located in West Germany,  this experience is on a one to one basis with a fully qualified instructor with maximum safety. You will get to soar high and experience aerobatic spins, loops, low level flying and tail chasing with a chance to take over the controls. It can’t get any more amazing than this!




Playing Polo

If you’ve ever been to Ascot and thought Polo looks like a fun sport, well here is your opportunity to try it out. With some basic training, you can try out this sport and get a feel of what it must feel like to play, what can only be described as the ‘sport of kings!’




MiG-29 Edge of Space Program from Russia

This has to be the most mind blowing experience ever!

You would need to travel to Russia and once you’ve been given the initial overview, you would get into the MiG-29 and be taken 80,000 feet in to and on the edge of the world! This is a dinner table conversation that will definitely make you the talk of the town!




These are our top 5 picks of red letter day luxury experiences to try out this Christmas! You can purchase these luxury experiences here:

If you do decide to take up one of these, do let us know how they turned out! 😉