Staying stylishly warm on Guy Fawkes Night


We are sure you have all heard of Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night. It’s the night when large crowds gather around Bonfires in Britain and light up those fireworks. You are right, however, do you know why we do that?



Guy Fawkes was the name of a mercenary who tried to blow up the parliament in 1605 in an effort to kill the King. Tried, being the key word. He failed. The King’s forces got word of this plot and in the early hours of November 5th, they found Guy Fawkes in the cellar with 36 barrels of gunpowder. He was promptly arrested and executed. On the night of November 5th, bonfires were lit to celebrate the safety of the King. Bonfires are still lit till this day and every year on November 5th, fireworks also accompany this celebration.




In London, there are several places where Guy Fawkes will be celebrated. Click to find out where to go and watch these fireworks.


Given it’s the month of November, the nights are quite chilly and it would be wise to dress up warmly when celebrating Guy Fawkes or watching fireworks outdoors. But how to do this stylishly?

We sum up a few tips below to dress up warm whilst still looking smart.


  • Cozy winter overcoats

One of the best ways to look stylish and be warm at the same time is to wear a long fitted wool overcoat. These have been very trendy over the past few years and are sold in most men’s stores. They come in very autumn neutral colours such as camel, black, grey etc.




You can wear these with a suit and infact they would make your look very classy. These would be perfect if you are going to an upmarket bar/restaurant/date after the Guy Fawkes celebrations as well.




  • Layer up

One of the best ways of keeping warm during Guy Fawkes is to layer up. However, in order to layer up stylishly without looking like a bag of clothes, make sure you choose warmer materials such as merino wool jumpers/waistcoats or even wool suits over lighter clothing materials such as polyester/cotton.




Suits are generally made in different materials ranging from the heavier winter suits to lighter summer suits. It is wise to buy suits to fit the various seasons and wear warmer merino wool suits/tweed jackets during chilly days/nights out.




You can also combine different sweaters/wool shirts and jumpers to suit your taste. Use thinner warm materials on the inside and then wear a thick outer coat to maintain the right warmth.




  • Accessorise like a boss

Scarves and hats and gloves are there for a reason. To stay warm. Make sure you have the entire winter kit as it can get quite cold in open outdoor areas where fireworks are being lit. Buy a cashmere/wool scarf with a printed/checked/stripped design to look dapper whilst staying warm as well.




The face does tend to face the brunt of winter quite severely especially the ears. Best way to deal with ear frostbite is to wear winter wool hats/earmuffs. Yes, you heard that right. Earmuffs. These days, some pretty dapper earmuffs are sold for men with checked patterns in neutral colours so that you stand out, but not too much.






Wear knitted/leather gloves to keep your hands warm. You can find gloves that allow you to use your phones too as you clearly must use your phone every minute and hour of the day even if you are watching those gorgeous fireworks. Yes, we know you are using snapchat.




  • Wear thick warm boots

You need to keep those feet quite warm so invest in a pair of warm winter boots. Either you could opt for timberland boots which will keep your feet warm and are great during the rain/snow as they are waterproof. You could also buy more affordable ankle boots which would be comfortable and keep you warm.




Or you could wear knee high wellies as you’ll be outdoors and it could be quite wet/muddy. Would wellies look stylish with suits? Not so much, no. However, you can always carry a second pair of leather boots for use once you are indoors. You want to keep that suit looking clean.

The best shoes to wear with suits are obviously leather shoes or chelsea boots, however, these may not keep you warm. If you are very particular with your style looking outrageously awesome all the time, best to take a change of shoes!


  • Warm socks

We suppose socks fit within accessories, but hey, let’s give this one it’s own limelight as socks are quite fun to work with. You could buy a pair of warm cashmere socks to go with your ankle winter boots.

Alternatively, you could go for wool socks with fun patterns and colours to match the rest of your look.





These are our top tips on how to stay warm on a cold night out, especially Guy Fawkes which would be celebrated in a large space outdoors. Common sense prevails in most of the tips, however, it’s easier to remember when we see these written out for us as a list. Let us know where you’ll be watching the Guy Fawkes fireworks. (If you do forget to layer up, accessorise, wear warm socks & boots, be glad it’s Guy Fawkes. You can always go hurdle by the bonfire) 😉 Enjoy!