Summer is here! How to style your green epidote men’s beaded bracelets


So we can finally say, summer is officially here. With highs of 27 degrees Celsius today, it is safe to bring out those green Epidote men’s beaded bracelets for those who are less confident wearing them all year round.




Our green Epidote beaded bracelets are comprised of green epidote stones which are thought to enhance spiritual growth, reduce negativity and bring hope. The green epidote stones on our bracelets are partially dyed to break up the green colour and create a cool effect.





So how to style the these green epidote beaded bracelets?


Match the beaded bracelet with your watch


Well, if you have a watch featuring green accents or with a green wrist band, then this would match perfectly with your green epidote men’s bracelet.

The gent below has matched his green Submariner Rolex with our green epidote beaded bracelet which look pretty good together.




Match with your wardrobe


If you do not have a green watch, not to worry. You can always match the green epidote bracelet with your wardrobe. Depending on your personal style, you can match our beaded bracelets with your wardrobe making sure it has a bit of green or even purple in it (purple because this is the colour of the dye used on the epidote beads).


Below, we have highlighted some pictures of different looks you could match these green dyed epidote bracelets with.


Style your Epidote bracelets with a green blazer. Note, the pocket square worn can also include hints of purple. This will complement the green Epidote beads with a purple dye perfectly!




If you like the professional look, you can also style your men’s Epidote bracelets with a green suit. As our bracelets are personalised with your initials, they can also be worn in professional setting and look much more classier than the standard non-personalised beaded bracelets. Plus, they are perfect for starting off that conversation with a new contact.





It is hotter now with the summer days, however, if you live in a country with cooler temperatures, you can easily style your green beaded bracelets with a green sweater as below.




We love this teal green blazer. It’s the sort of colour that would match well with most of your shirts, jeans, chinos/trousers. The green Epidote bracelets would go really well with this look.




If you are opting for a casual look for the weekend, then this look with a military style jacket and ripped jeans would look great with the green Epidote men’s bracelets.




The green Epidote bracelets would also match well with the look below thanks to the green sweater. This look is great for that casual day out.




The jacket below is simply a different shade of green – more towards the camel colour. The green that you select in your wardrobe doesn’t have to match the green Epidote beads exactly. It can simply complement the green colour. Hence, you can match your Epidote bracelets with different shades of green.




The jacket below is more brown than green. But once again, this neutral colour is something that would match well with the green Epidote bracelets as it is an earthy colour. It’s all about mixing and matching different colours with different styles and seeing what works for you.




Finally, this is an overview of the different types of colours you can use to match your green dyed Epidote beaded bracelets for men with. The purple shirt on the look in the center would match perfectly with the purple dyed epidote beads. As green is a complementary colour to purple, wearing green epidote bracelets with this look would contrast really well with it.




How to style your green Epidote men’s beaded bracelets


Hope you get some inspiration on how to style your green beaded men’s bracelets from the looks above. If you have previously styled green beaded bracelets, we would love to see these! Please feel free to comment below and show us how you style your beaded bracelets! Have a lovely sunny day ahead.