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How to style your blue tiger eye men’s beaded bracelets


As promised, here is the next style post on our series on how to style our various coloured men’s beaded bracelets. One of the questions we get asked the most is how to style these bracelets for men. As men’s bracelets are a relatively new trend in men’s fashion, it can be daunting to style […]

Our top 5 men’s beaded bracelets colours this Spring


Spring is now in full bloom and so are the brighter colours when it comes to fashion. Black, beige, brown, navy blue, grey are all great neutral colours for the autumn and winter seasons but you’ve got to experiment with brighter colours in spring. Basically, don’t be boring. 😀 Here are our top 5 picks of our […]

Personalised Men’s Bracelets


Today, we want to mull over our personalised men’s bracelets. Why are we vouching for personalisation and why are most of our men’s bracelets personalised? Well, because personalisation is the next big disrupter in fashion. Personalisation has already started taking root in the fashion world, it is no longer something new and novel, however, as […]

Our personalised beaded bracelet was seen on Gianni Scacco, Italian singer and songwriter


Yes, that’s right! Our personalised beaded bracelet was seen on Italian Singer and Songwriter, Gianni Scacco, last week. His personalised black agate beads bracelet for men featured his name initials, GS, on a gold steel initials bracelet plate.     It was mildly cold in Italy last week and Gianni spotted a camel wool hat […]

Our black beaded personalised initials bracelet at Milano Fashion Week


We have such exciting news 😀 Our black beaded personalised initials bracelet was seen on VIP stylist, Luca Boiocchi, at the Milano fashion week last week! He had his initials “LB” designed on his black agate beaded bracelet from Ephori London.     This is quite possibly the shortest blog post we’ll ever post about […]

How to style your watch with your beaded initials bracelets


Styling bracelets alongside your luxury watches is a new and fun trend that has emerged over the past few years. For those of you who do enjoy styling your beaded initials bracelets alongside your watch, we will show you how to do this to make sure you have a great match. Secondly, most watches have […]

Bespoke Custom Initials Bracelets


If you have been following our journey from the beginning, you’ll have noticed that we are very keen on personalisation and uniqueness. Our first products were bespoke bracelets that are centered around personalisation such as the custom initials bracelets. Custom bracelets are our specialty and we want you to be involved in designing and customising your bracelets as much […]

The Healing Power of Natural Stones


For many years, natural stones have been believed to hold powerful, healing and transformative energies. The use of crystals and stones can be linked back to ancient civilisations, such as Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Indians and Shamans, who used these for healing and spiritual purposes.   As we are individuals, it is believed that our bodies respond […]

Men’s bracelets of the Month – Sept 2016


Following on from our last post on top picks in men’s bracelets, we decided to make this a monthly post as it was quite popular. Styling wrists, especially with your luxury watches can really make you stand out from the crowd, hence it is good to know what the style influencers out there are wearing on […]

Men’s bracelets of the week – 09 Aug 16


We are strong advocates of the saying, “Pictures tell a thousand words”. We feel pictures are the best and easiest way for you to get a feeling on how to style your bracelets with your luxury watches. With this in mind, we will be posting the best wrist game shots we come across every week. We hope this excites […]