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The 10 habits of stylish men


Learning to be stylish is essential if you want to look good. A good looking man may not be stylish but every man who is stylish will look good. The question is why would you want to look good and be stylish? The answer is straight forward, but we’ll outline the pros below as it sounds […]

How to be the best dressed man in the room


Today we would like to talk about how to be the best dressed man in the room. Dressing well is very important, not just to stand out from the crowd during those social events, but also because it could take you a long way towards achieving success and gaining the trust, respect and confidence you […]

5 ways to command power/respect through style


When you are successful in your job/business, you are likely to command power and respect straight away. But one thing that we always notice is successful people always dress smart (unless you work in silicon valley and are working on something techy). They are not only successful but they look successful.     In fact, […]