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Our top 5 men’s beaded bracelets colours this Spring


Spring is now in full bloom and so are the brighter colours when it comes to fashion. Black, beige, brown, navy blue, grey are all great neutral colours for the autumn and winter seasons but you’ve got to experiment with brighter colours in spring. Basically, don’t be boring. 😀 Here are our top 5 picks of our […]

Personalised Men’s Bracelets


Today, we want to mull over our personalised men’s bracelets. Why are we vouching for personalisation and why are most of our men’s bracelets personalised? Well, because personalisation is the next big disrupter in fashion. Personalisation has already started taking root in the fashion world, it is no longer something new and novel, however, as […]

Bracelets of the week 15/02/17


And we are back with our favourite post – bracelets of the week! 🙂 This week we have picked out four bracelets/bracelet combinations to wear with your watch which we are totally in love with. Let’s get right to it.   1. Red And Gold Beaded Combo Bracelets for Men     Given Valentine’s day […]