The 10 habits of stylish men


Learning to be stylish is essential if you want to look good. A good looking man may not be stylish but every man who is stylish will look good. The question is why would you want to look good and be stylish? The answer is straight forward, but we’ll outline the pros below as it sounds better when it is written down 🙂


– You’ll attract that much desired attention

If you are looking for a lovely lady, you’ll have a good chance of making a good first impression if you are stylish.


– You’ll be more confident

Dressing well and being stylish will instantly make you more confident as you’ll look and feel good.


– You’ll be the center of attention

If you are stylish and have dressed for the occasion, you’ll stand out and become the center of attention. People will want to get to know you and will remember you. This is especially beneficial for business and professional networking events.


– You’ll make more friends

Being stylish puts you ahead of the game and others will want to be like you. More people will want to talk to you. Being stylish will also connect you to like-minded individuals who are just as stylish.


Unless you live in the mountains, are not interested in love, couldn’t care less about what others think and are not looking for success, the above four reasons seem pretty good reasons to be stylish, don’t you think?




Now that we are all on the same page and agree that being stylish is advantageous, we can proceed to outline the 10 habits of stylish men. We are referring to habits because these habits are on-going and require a regular effort to ensure you are stylish always.


1) Buying staples and classic items


The stylish man invests in staples. Staples are pieces of clothing which are essential and you’ll definitely be wearing. For example, the classic white shirt, or a black suit, or black leather shoes. These items of clothing are universal and you’ll definitely require them at some point whether it is at an event or at work. For example, if you own a black suit, you will look stylish if you wear this to a wedding.

If you are wearing staples regularly at work, then it would be great to actually get duplicates as well. How many times have you bought a piece of clothing that you are sure you’ll wear often, it becomes your favourite piece of clothing, you wear it pretty much everyday and it wears out – when you go out to buy another one of that exact same piece of clothing, it is sold out? If you find that there is a staple that you will wear often, buy duplicates to ensure that you are prepared and have a replacement at hand to ensure you always look stylish.

The great thing about staples is that they also double-up as classic items. Classic clothing does not go out of style. It will stay trendy from season to season no matter what. These are the best investment pieces as you know that you’ll always look stylish wearing these no matter which season or year you are in.





2) Well fitted clothing with a tailor at hand


The stylish man will always wear well fitted clothing. Most pieces of clothing will look good on you if it fits well. On the other hand, you may buy a suit which is meant to make a man look good, but if it does not fit well, you’ll look silly. Best not to buy a suit if it does not fit well.




When you are buying something new, make sure you try several sizes to find the best fitting one. It is a good idea to go with a friend when you are trying to figure out your size as they’ll be able to see things you might miss such as creases on the sleeves/trousers.

Unfortunately, with ready to buy clothing, it will never fit perfectly. Most of the time, you can get away with it if you are buying a t-shirt. You can also try sizes from several different brands as these tend to vary and you might find one that fits well.

The best way to ensure that clothing fits well is to use a tailor. If you are buying ready to wear clothing such as trousers and they don’t fit well or need alteration, you can ask your tailor to adjust these for you. If you buy ready to wear suits, the alteration for these is limited, for example, the tailor may be able to only alter the sleeves of the blazer and perhaps make it fit better around the torso. However, adjusting the shoulders would be very expensive. Depending on the type of clothing you would like to buy, it would be a good idea to get your tailor to make it for you. Rather than buying a ready to wear suit, it would be better to ask your tailor to make it for you. If you can afford it, make sure you try several different tailors to find the one that makes the best fitting suits for you.





3. Comfort Vs Fashion


The stylish man will wear clothing that he is comfortable in. If you feel comfortable wearing a certain type of outfit, it is likely that you are familiar with that style and have tried it often. You also feel that you look good in it. It is better to wear a classic style that you are comfortable and confident in rather than wearing something fashionable that you are not comfortable in.




If you would like to try a new style because YOU want to see how it looks on you, then go for it. It is likely that you will feel a bit uncomfortable wearing it the first time. The key here is that you try a new style because you are happy trying it out. There is no point wearing something that everyone else is wearing and yet you are not keen on it and do not feel comfortable in it.

Secondly, a stylish man will wear something that he is comfortable in taking into account the weather and season. If it is cold, a stylish man will find stylish clothing for the cold season. If it is hot, a stylish man will find stylish clothing for the hot season. This clothing will only make him look stylish if he is comfortable in it. So take into account the seasons and try not to push it by wearing something trendy when the weather does not call for it, for example, only wearing a t-shirt if it is extremely cold. You can keep it for the warmer seasons.




Finally, some of you may be comfortable wearing your pyjamas and track suit bottoms. We all are. But please exercise reasonable judgement. No matter how comfortable you feel wearing it, this sort of clothing is best kept for home and the gym or your jog! The stylish man wears comfortable clothing appropriate for the occasion.


4. The Right Match and Preparation


The stylish man will make sure that he has clothing that matches well. When choosing what to wear, make sure your overall outfit matches.




For example, the gent above has a perfectly matched wardrobe. He has decided to go for an unusual burgundy colour and yet has pulled it off so well by matching his trousers with a maroon knitted sweater, a light purple shirt, burgundy shoes. A dark grey checked coat complements the outfit.

If you are buying black trousers, this will match most of your shirts e.g light blue shirts, white shirts, even darker colours such as deep blue shirts. If you are buying other colours in trousers such as navy blue trousers, this will only match light blue shirts and white shirts. If you are buying brown trousers, then this will match shirts such as cream shirts, off-white shirts, beige shirts. You’ll become better at matching outfits over time but be sure to get help if you are unsure. There is plenty of help online. You can ask for advice from fellow men on fashion forums and facebook groups.


Secondly, a stylish man is prepared. A stylish man will ensure that he has done his wardrobe preparation in advance to ensure that his outfit is styled right, he has all the right elements and to save time. If you are going to work, it would be a great idea to think about what you’ll wear the next day on the evening before. Plan your outfit and even lay it out so that you can get dressed quickly the next morning with minimal effort.




5. Grooming


A stylish man will ensure that he is well groomed at all times. A good haircut, clean hygiene and a groomed beard/clean shave will go a long way in making you look stylish.

Take time out to visit a barber atleast once a month to ensure your hair is up to date and for all other grooming needs. A barber will give you a haircut that suits the face of your shape.

While grooming sounds like it might be in another area altogether, dressing well and being well groomed actually go hand in hand in ensuring you look stylish. If you take all the care in the world to select the right outfit, make sure it matches, buy the right shoes but then look like you’ve just jumped out of bed with an outrageous hair-do, you won’t look stylish.

Make sure you take time out everyday to ensure that you are on top of your hygiene and essential grooming.




6. Investing in good quality clothing


A stylish man invests in good quality clothing. The type of clothing you wear and the material of the clothing will go a long way in defining your style. Good quality clothing usually feels and looks better. When we say buy good quality clothing, we do not mean that you should go and buy the most expensive product on the market you can find.

Yes, you are right to think that the price of an item will directly correlate to its quality but this is not always the case. A lot of designer goods are very expensive but a large portion of the price you are paying can be attributed to the name of the brand and not necessarily the quality.

If you are shopping on the high street, feel the material of the clothing. Is it thick? Does it feel strong enough? Is it made from cotton? Are there any signs of wear and tear, for example, is the stitching coming undone? This will instantly give you an idea of the quality and finishing because if the stitching is coming undone whilst it’s still on the shelf, it will fall apart when you wear it. Depending on the type of clothing you are buying and purpose you’ll be using it for, you should do a bit of research before you buy.




If you are buying a suit, you should look at the fineness of the suit. Click here to read more about the material of a suit. If you are buying a t-shirt online, check if it is made of cotton – this is more breathable than polyester. If you are buying shoes, look at the reviews on the product. Ask your friends or post in fashion forums online. Sometimes you may have to pay more for a good quality piece of clothing but if it is going to last longer then you should discount the price over several years. In this case, the clothing will be worth it.

Buying good quality clothing will last longer and make you look stylish.


7. Keep up with the trends


A stylish man will follow the trends. If you want to be stylish, then following the trends would be a good idea. You don’t have to style the trend. When we say follow, we mean see what’s out there – what are people wearing? You can then pick and choose a trend that you feel would fit your personal style. Remember, the key is to feel comfortable and confident in what you wearing, so you should only style a trend if you are keen on styling it.

Trends come and go so if you are following the latest style trends, then you’ll be in the know. A man who sticks to one classic style is stylish but a man who follows the trends is also stylish. It’s all about loving what you wear and styling it right.




In order to keep up with the trends, you can follow fashion accounts on instagram, facebook. You can follow men’s fashion blogs. You can get involved in men’s fashion facebook groups. There are several men’s forums online with fashion advice. You can also ask your friends.


8. Cleaning, maintenance and storage of clothing


A stylish man will clean, maintain and store his clothes properly. Just because you have bought a good quality piece of clothing doesn’t mean that it will look and feel good forever if you don’t take care of it.

Clean your clothes and iron them regularly so that they look good. You can opt for dry cleaning if you can afford it and the clothes require it. If you are using dry-cleaning, your clothes are usually placed in a transparent polythene bag. You can leave these on until you have to wear the dry-cleaned clothing. Use a whitening agent to keep your white shirts white.

Invest in a good storing solution if you can afford it. This way you can store all your suits separately, your accessories and other clothing. This will ensure that your clothes last longer and maintain their pristine condition.




You will look presentable and stylish if you always wear clean, ironed and well-maintained clothing.


9. Pick a good perfume


A stylish man will choose a good perfume. Scent plays a relatively big role in your daily style. If you are well dressed, well groomed and smell good, then you will be a stylish man.

You will need to try a few perfumes and choose the one that you feel suits you and your personality. You could go for a citrus scent if you want a fresh scent. The best advice we can give is to go to a store and try several different perfumes until you find one you like.




10. Attention to detail


A stylish man will choose the right accessories. Your overall appearance will make a great first impression. But once you are in conversation with a person, it is the details that they will notice. Choose the right accessories that go with your outfit. Whether you are wearing something classic or following the trends, have fun styling it and style it right.



Depending on the occasion and your personal style, choose a watch to suit. For example, if you could wear a stainless steel every day watch for day to day wear. If you are going to a black tie event, you could wear a simple, clean dress watch.




Ties and Pocket Squares:

Depending on where you are heading to, you could wear ties/pocket squares to accentuate your style. For example, if you are going out for dinner with friends, adding a pocket square to your blazer will make you stand out.




Tie pins and lapel pins:

Tie pins are quite formal and you can wear these on your tie if you are going to business meeting. Lapel pins are a bit tricky to style but you can wear them on your suit on a day to day basis and leave them out in important meetings/business presentations.




Men’s bracelets:

Men’s bracelets are very trendy and are great to style with your watch and overall outfit. You can find the right men’s bracelets to match your style. For example, men’s beaded bracelets are great for casual style. Men’s leather bracelets are great for a more professional/business setting.




10 Habits of Stylish Men


If you follow all or even some of these habits, you’ll become a more stylish man. You’ll get noticed more and feel more confident due to your impeccable dressing style. But it all comes down to having fun whilst styling your wardrobe. If you do not enjoy styling your outfit, then all the habits above will feel like work. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found some useful tips – which you will start implementing as soon as possible to become the stylish man that you are! 😉