Tips on styling pocket squares – from the pros


Previously, we had written up two blog posts on how to wear and style pocket squares;

  1. How to wear pocket squares
  2. How to style pocket squares


But we know you would only believe those who actually wear pocket squares on a frequent basis and know the insider tricks that no one tells you. They are the real deal. So we made a list of 5 gents, who we believe have a serious dapper game when it comes to pocket squares and asked them for tips on how to wear pocket squares.

So here goes!


  1. Instagram: @eskricke





“I style my pocket squares based on how I’m feeling that day mostly but there are a few basic principles I follow.”

  • I never wear a really busy pocket square if there are already two different patterns in the outfit.
  • If I do add a patterned square to an outfit with two different patterns, it will be a simple variation of one of the existing patterns eg if I have a chunky polka dot tie, I might add a fine dot polka square.
  • Colour-wise, I make sure the pocket square is never the same colour as the tie. I feel that looks tacky personally (remember what we said about those horrible ready-made matching tie and pocket square sets we mentioned in our how to style pocket squares post?)
  • I match the pocket square to something else in the outfit, like shoes or chinos as long as it does match colour wise with everything else in the outfit.
  • So, in summary, the pocket square should contrast with the tie but should visually complement everything else ie the suit, shirt, shoes. The pocket square should be of a complimentary colour palette to the rest of the outfit.


2. Instagram: @adi_cristea





  • I like to match my pocket square with one or more colours from my outfit (tie, blazer, trousers, shirt, shoes etc)
  • I believe a pocket square should complete your outfit whilst complementing everything else
  • If you put a big contrast pocket square, you will attract the attention on to your pocket square first and your outfit will be secondary. Personally, I wouldn’t want that, a pocket square is just a beautiful accessory. (Ofcourse, some of you may have bought an extravagant pocket square which you can’t wait to show off and may want to attract attention to it, but as Adi advises, atleast ensure it matches the rest of your outfit)
  • Personally, I prefer neutral shades such as white, grey, beige, black to colourful pocket squares. I’m more an old classic man ๐Ÿ™‚ and old classic never gets it wrong!
  • I do like paisley patterned ties and squares. If you match the colours right, you can have a beautiful and interesting outfit (we couldn’t agree more. Check out our how to style pocket squares to see some pictures on how amazing these combinations can look)


3. Instagram: @trav_white_





  • The general rule is that the tie and pocket squares should not match exactly.
  • If the pocket square is patterned, wear a solid colour blazer.
  • Personally, I’m not a fan of the paisley design pocket squares, so I would not wear them.
  • It is very common to wear pocket squares on a blazer without a tie. (Infact, we believe this is very trendy at the moment and gives you that smart casual look)
  • I generally try to find a colour that contrasts both my blazer/suit jacket and tie. It should stand alone.


4. Instagram: @constantinos_papadopoulos





  • If you wear a tie, your pocket square should complement it. It should be of a similar colour and fabric.
  • If you do not wear a tie, your pocket square should match the colour of something else in your outfit eg shirt, t-shirt, scarf, shoes etc
  • I would wear any pocket square if it looks good. (Just remember to match it with the rest of your outfit)
  • Opposing colours such as red and green, orange and blue etc can be hard to match, but if you get it right, it can look incredible. For example, you could wear a green blazer with a red pocket square. Personally, I would be on edge but if I saw someone else wearing it on the street casually, I would love it. (We suppose it comes down to wearing what you are comfortable with. You want to look smart but there’s a fine line between looking smart and feeling uncomfortable wearing a certain combination. The priority should be feeling comfortable in what you are wearing, and as you go along, you can change your tastes if you wish. But comfort first, fashion second)
  • My favourite pocket square colour has to be black. The darker, the better ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Most of the times, paisley pocket squares feel casual to me, but probably not all the time. It comes down to what the rest of your outfit looks like and how you style your pocket square.
  • I’m not really a fan of ties. I like my outfits casual.


5. Instagram: @christopherkkorey




  • For me, it’s a feel thing. (Trust your instincts we believe goes a long way ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I don’t like pocket squares that match too much to the rest of the outfit. There should be some sort of contrast.
  • I like my pocket squares to compliment but not match my outfit.


6. Instagram: @agrasut





  • In terms of matching, the pocket square will pick up a colour elsewhere in the outfit – it could be the shirt, or something secondary in the tie, or the suit. But generally, I do find that a complementary colour works best, and is often more interesting.
  • Shades and tones also make a difference. For example, a strong colour would need to be balanced by another strong colour elsewhere. However, I find that it’s generally best to keep your shades a little more muted and from a similar palette – say cool pastels or warm autumn colours. In the end, it’s always about fun and experimenting with what you have!
  • It’s worth noting that complementary colours sit next to each other on the “colour wheel”, but are not the same colour.
  • Contrast colours also work well but the tone needs to be similar.
  • In terms of combining bold colours, Red and green are great, as are orange and blue, purple and green, green and pink, blue and yellow etc. But again, these will only sit well together if you get the tones to sit harmoniously together.
  • My favourite pocket square colour is green.
  • In terms of patterns, paisley can be very versatile. I don’t think it’s the pattern so much as the colour – a muted paisley of dark greens and browns would work with a lot of more natural colours. But something brighter could work well with a casual summer jacket!


Thanks to these five incredible gents, the same message seems to emerge. Here is a summary:


  • Go with the feel. Sometimes, it comes down to your mood and you’ll like wearing different pocket squares on different days.
  • Do not match but complement your pocket squares to the rest of your outfit.
  • As a starting point, find one colour from your outfit that is similar to the colour on the pocket square. It doesn’t have to be the exact same colour, but it should be of a similar palette ie darker/lighter.


This pretty much sums up what we have been trying to say all along. We are glad that these gents are in general agreement with us. When it comes down to the colours and patterns, at the end of the day, it is up to your personal preference. Some people like paisley prints, some people like polka prints. Some like darker and neutral shades, others like colours; some like casual puff folds, others like presidential folds.


They say pocket squares can reflect your personality, and it is within these differences, that we believe your personality emerges. So feel free to play around with different colours, patterns and styles of wearing pocket squares and go with the one that feels right. There is no set rule as long as it compliments the rest of your outfit.


We hope you enjoyed reading our posts on pocket squares as much as we enjoyed writing them and we will be happy to hear your comments, suggestions or feedback. Have a great day and keep it dapper!