What to pack when travelling in warm weather


With the fabulous warm weather and summer holidays, you may well find yourself holidaying in exotic destinations that include anything from golf holidays, beach holidays to the more subtle city breaks. Or you may just be wondering what to wear while you’re out and about on those warm sunny weekends.

What do you wear and how do you prepare for the warm weather? What do you need to pack in your suitcase to tackle the warm weather and comfortably enjoy your holiday? If you do not wear the right clothing, you may prefer to stay indoors and not fully enjoy your holiday. (Not to mention you would end up playing crazy golf or a golf simulation rather than golf outdoors)



One of the essentials you would need is a hat. This will help protect your head from over-heating in the sun which could potentially cause headaches and dehydration.

The type of hat you wear would depend on the activity you are involved in. If you are involved in a sporty activity such as golf, you could wear a baseball cap to ensure it stays on and provides that much needed protection for the eyes.



Alternatively, if you are out on a city stroll, by the beach or just hanging out in the neighbourhood, you may opt for a wide brimmed hat. You could either go for a wide brimmed straw hat or a cotton hat.






Another one of those essentials you can’t go without on a summer break. Not only do they add that extra-cool vibe to your persona, they also protect your eyes from the sun.


Aviators give you that “too cool for school” look whereas you can opt for round framed sunglasses for a more “John Lennon” kind of festival vibe.




Shirts and T-shirts


The go to wardrobe for a summer vacation usually involves short-sleeved t-shirts. Opting for t-shirts that are made of breathable materials such as cotton, lighter colours such as white and a loose fit will ensure that you are comfortable at all times in the hot weather.




If you are going to a more dressy event, you can opt for a long sleeved t-shirt. Just ensure that the above rules in terms of wearing something breathable and light are not broken.



If you are having a golf break, you can also opt for polo shirts. Polo shirts also look great at casual events or a casual day out.




Shorts and Pants


Shorts are great and one of the more comfortable pieces of clothing to wear in hot weather. However, you have to be careful about which type of shorts you wear. Printed shorts would look great at the beach or perhaps for a more casual stroll. However, khaki shorts are probably more suitable for those golf days and city breaks.




If you want to look more dressy or are going to a high profile event, best to wear casual cotton trousers also known as chinos. These are very smart and would look great with a shirt, t-shirt or even blazer.



We love blazers because they give you class in an instant. Blazers are great to wear to parties, events or even that day out on the yacht. The downside is that it can get quite hot.

Be sure to find a different blazer for summer and warmer weather. Once again, light breathable materials such as cotton are great for a summer blazer. You can read more about the different materials that make a suit or blazer here: Materials for a suit




It is best to make sure that you wear a light breathable shirt underneath your blazer. If it gets too hot, you can always take off your blazer. You can also roll up your shirt sleeves to add a really cool vibe to that semi-formal look.

There is no need to wear a tie with a blazer when styling a smart-casual wardrobe.



The best choice of footwear in the summer weather/breaks are usually flip flops or leather sandals. These are great for the beach and the casual stroll.

If you would prefer something more dressy, you can wear loafers or boat shoes. Loafers can be worn without socks.




For more sporty activities, probably best to stick to trainers.


What to pack when travelling in warm weather


We hope the above essentials for your summer wardrobe make your travelling easier and more comfortable. Remember the key is to wear light fabrics, light colours and loose-fitting clothing. Remember to also take your deo-sprays and perfumes to keep that odour in check! And ofcourse, do not forget your sunscreen. If you like to workout, be sure to take your gym kit too.


If there’s any other item you would pack when travelling in warm weather, feel free to comment below and let us know!