Winter Sun for some fun!


As the weather gets colder and darker, we are all missing the summer sun and the warmth and light it brings. Looking for a winter sun?

Then it’s time to jet off to some exotic destinations to top up the sun tan and get some well-deserved winter sun!

We’ve got some fun destinations lined up where weather is not a topic people talk about. There is lots of sun to go round and it never disappoints 🙂

Check out these top five picks for winter sun!





Brazil is a stunning holiday destination and a land of staggering natural beauty, where the carnival spirit reaches each and every corner. From pristine Amazonian rainforests, the wildlife-rich Pantanal and the thundering Iguassu falls to vibrant colonial towns and the dazzling cities of Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Brazil is a truly hypnotic nation of Afro-Caribbean rhythms, sensual samba, exotic flora and fauna and passionate people.

So if you’re after adventure, would like to explore the country’s rich colonial heritage or would like simply to chill out on the beach, then Brazil is the destination for you!






Tanzania has some of the most beautiful national parks on the continent and is a safari holiday dream come true. They have a great diversity of habitats to explore and each region is famous for a particular species, from the chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains to the desert-adapted antelope of Ruaha, from the flamingoes to the famous tree-climbing lions of Lake Manyara. Serengeti is one of the largest national parks in Africa and a visit into the Ngorongoro crater is one you’ll never forget!


Stay in some of the more luxurious lodges watching wild animals grazing. Also the island of Zanzibar and its surrounding islands off the east coast of Tanzania have stunning white sand beaches and excellent coral reefs making it a perfect relaxing getaway!






Madagascar, is like nowhere else on earth, situated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of southern Africa. Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island.

Madagascar is split into four main areas: the central region of Madagascar is characterised by highlands, the east coast is largely covered by dense rainforests, the west coast is now open savannah, and reminiscent of that of the great plains of East Africa, and the southern tip of the island is semi-desert with great forests of cactus-like plants.

Much of Madagascar’s incredible flora and fauna is unique to the island, with many endemic species such as lemurs, chameleons and a huge variety of butterflies.

Whether you are after adventure, beautiful beaches, deserts or a combination of Madagascar’s highlights, you can find your perfect luxury holiday to suit your lifestyle and budget here.

(It is also one of Sir David Attenborough’s favourite destinations so all the more reason to go) 🙂


Carribean Islands




You can never go wrong with the Caribbean islands. Barbados, Antigua, St. Kitts, Jamaica, Grenada, Turks and Caicos Island.

Take your pick from old-style Caribbean culture in Barbados, shallow waters in the Bahamas, or the volcanic, mountainous Grenadines, to name but a few.

Wherever you choose, you’ll enjoy delicious food, gorgeous beaches and warm waters – the perfect luxury Caribbean holiday in the sun.

We really want to go now!





Dubai is one of the world’s best known luxury destinations for all year round sunshine, elegant accommodation and amazing skyline to top any city destination and shopping haven.

It’s a perfect opportunity to delve deep into the souks, admire the skyscrapers, relax and enjoy the sandy beaches.


We hope you enjoyed reading about our top 5 picks of holiday destinations for some winter sun! Wherever you decide to go – enjoy the sun and don’t forget the sun cream!