Steel is our favourite metal. It almost looks like a precious metal but is still very affordable. 3d printed steel items are comprised of 420 steel infused with bronze.

Our beautiful 3d printed items can be printed in four different types of Steel.

1) Stainless Steel:

This has a silvery brown hue to it. The brown colouring is due to the way the bronze infuses with steel when the item is being 3d printed. This means the colour of every item will vary ever so slightly based on the bronze infusion during 3d printing.

2) Gold Steel:

Stainless steel items are embedded in 24K gold and polished ever so slightly to give a softer feel to the rough texture. 3d print lines are still visible.

3) Bronze Steel:

Yup, you guessed right. There is a higher concentration of bronze near the surface that gives the item a bronze finishing. Bronze steel has a very rustic earthy look and it is probably our favourite steel metal.

4) Matt Black Steel:

The steel items are treated to give it that black finish. As it is a matt finish, the items have a rough texture and remind us almost of black stone. Very mysterious!



Our stunning silver items are comprised of 92.5% pure silver. Other metals included are copper or zinc.

These beautiful sterling silver items are smooth to the touch, shiny and look very posh. Perfect for a loved one.



Who said, “All that glitters is not gold??” We beg to differ! Our 3d printed gold items are comprised of 14K/18K Gold and come in three different shades:

1) 14K Yellow Gold:

As you guessed, this is 14K gold with a yellowish hue to it. Our 14K gold 3d printed items are comprised of gold, silver, copper and zinc.

2) 14K Rose Gold:

This is 14K gold with a pinkish tinge to the metal. Our 14K gold 3d printed items are comprised of gold, copper, silver and zinc.

3) 18K Gold:

This is 18K gold which has a colour similar to that of silver. Our 18K gold 3d printed items are comprised of 75% gold, 10% copper and 15% silver.

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