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Hi, thanks for visiting our site and taking the time to learn about us – I really appreciate it 🙂 My name is Ruchi and I am the founder of this luxury brand. My dream is to create unique products for men that can be personalised and cherished for a life-time. A product that you can say you had a hand in designing, a product that can strike up a conversation, a product that has a story/cause behind it.


Our jewellery is very unique because it combines both 3d printing (cutting edge-technology) and traditional hand-making by artisan jewellers based in Hatton Garden, the jewellery quarter of London. Each of our items is inspired from a place in London/UK and has a story behind it. My end goal is to start up a charity some day and part of the revenue from the sales will go towards that.


It is a new brand that I have just launched and the items will be gradually introduced as we go along, so you’ll be able to see exactly what I’m referring to above 🙂 Please do follow us on instagram/facebook to see our journey as we grow. Your support will help in making this dream a reality.


Thanks and much love xxx


Ephori London's Bracelets

Ephori (pronounced Eh-four-rye) London is a luxury brand that creates bespoke bracelets for men comprising of semi-precious natural stones and personalised bracelet plates.

The personalised bracelet plates are designed with your name initials. Your name defines you and using your name initials creates a unique and special connection to the bracelet.

We are looking to re-create bracelets for the man as they should be – luxurious, cutting-edge and unique. Ephori London bracelets are for the powerful man who likes luxury, wants to stand out and is constantly striving to be a better individual.







Ephori London’s bracelets are unique because they are made using both 3d printing (cutting edge-technology) and traditional hand-making. These natural stone bracelets are personalised and made to order just for you. This is about expressing your individuality.

Ephori London’s bracelets are designed carefully by combining certain semi-precious natural stones. This is about choice.

The beautiful beads used for the bracelets are thought to have positive spiritual elements to them. This is about happiness and emotional wellbeing.

At Ephori London, we have a vision of helping others. We give 10% of our sales to charity. This is about making a difference and spreading a positive message in the world.

Our bracelets are for entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives – the man who loves power and understands that real power lies in helping those in need and making a positive change in the world.


About Ephori London

We are called Ephori pronounced “eh-four-rye”. An ephori was one of the 5 ephors in the ancient council in Greece that had supervisory powers over the invincible kings of Sparta. The Kings of Sparta were powerful but the Ephors were even more powerful.


We have chosen this name as it signifies power which is synonymous with what we are bringing to you through our brand:









Our bracelets are all about individuality, luxury, choice, good taste, personal development and positivity.


Ephori London is set on changing the fashion scene for men by allowing you to personalise and create your own custom bracelets or cufflinks. We love designing and are always looking to bring the trendiest accessories that will set you apart from others as the fashionable gent.




In this world of technology and choice, why should you own the same item as someone else? You are you. You are unique, so are the memories you have with loved ones. You should be able to own and gift something unique.


We are here to bring that choice to you. Through 3D printing, we are taking personalisation to a whole new level. You have the choice to select the word, materials and size of the product (where applicable). The product is made just for you.


If you have an idea of product that you would like to design which is not on our site, please feel free to get in touch here:, we’ll see what we can do 🙂

This is all well and good, but what is 3d printing?

Put simply, 3d printing is a process in which solid 3-dimensional objects are created from a digital file, using a 3d printer.

The digital file comprises of the information from the options that you select when personalising your item.

A 3d printer then creates the item through a series of layers as it prints back and forth. Each layer (comprised of the material you select) is laid down successively, one after another, and glued together until the 3dimensional product is created.

Mindblowing, right? Forget the personalisation for a second. We think the novelty of owning a product that is 3d printed is amazing in its own right.

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