Best dressed Gentlemen this week

We have seen so many men make an effort this week and look so good on Instagram that it was silly not to create this post. There is so much style inspiration out there and we hope after sharing our thoughts and these style images with you, you’ll be able to upgrade your wardrobe too πŸ˜‰ . Be sure to follow these men on instagram, they really know what they are doing!


Instagram: @thesimplegentleman


We love this pastel coloured white-washed blazer and grey trousers combo which is perfect now that spring is in season. It has that clean effect look and is soft on the eyes. The checked purple and blue shades tie matches perfectly with the grey pants, and the off-white blazer completes this look. This look is perfect for a sunny day out on the yacht but is also great as a weekend look.





Instagram: @matt.szczepanski

We like this look because it has all the colours that one would be comfortable wearing ie black, grey, white, blue and brown, in London atleast, without looking out of place. (Most Londoners do like to keep low profiles if you didn’t know despite London being a fashion capital) But what is even better is that Matt has managed to combine all these colours seamlessly.

The black trousers/grey blazer combo is great for work and yet also has a casual feel to it. If you need to go out to a casual event in the evening after work, this look would be perfect. The brown loafers add a bit of stylish edge to the outfit and the blue checked pocket square adds a cool pop to this outfit.




Instagram: @_atic_


Fashion is all well and good, but what to do if you are feeling cold and still need to show off your suit? All you need to do is follow _atic_ πŸ˜‰ It may be spring but it is still chilly and adding some knitwear to your suit could not hurt. As mentioned in our previous post, going for a suit made out of wool should keep you warm in the colder months, however, for extra warmth, adding a cardigan inside your blazer would help.

“Atic” has gone for a blue suit here which is our favourite suit colour. Blue helps one to look cool and calm and majorly fashionable if we may add. He has teamed this with a darker navy blue cardigan, a dark aqua green tie and grey scarf for that extra warmth. The brown loafers complete this look. This is a very smart look for office and great when you need to make those big business deals πŸ˜‰




Instagram: @jasperrebel


We could not help but be taken away to another era when we spotted Jasper in this outfit. He is looking the true gent that we always keep going on about. One cannot go wrong with a classic black suit and tie. However, we like how Jasper has teamed this up with an earthen brown jacket and gloves. It is a great combo and looks very posh.

We suppose having that sort of background in the photo could also add that extra oomph. πŸ˜‰





Instagram: @r3zap3rz

It is usually hard to pull off lined grey trousers in our opinion, however, Benjamin had no problem doing so. Teaming the grey white lined trousers with a grey jacker, navy blue tie, white blazer and matching navy blue/black pocket square, this look radiates utter class. It almost reminds us of “the Godfather” which basically means this look gives an impression of power, style and knowledge i.e THE BOSS.

This would be a great look for that weekend when you are supervising how many acres of land you own and whether your employees are doing their job right πŸ˜‰





Instagram: @csitari_g


We like this outfit because it is one of those very unusual colours; when you see it, you can’t stop staring.

This look is perfect for a party evening/party on an island/yacht and radiates class like no other. We like how the green trousers match perfectly with the pocket square. Sometimes, it really is all about the details.

The white shirt and grey blazer give it that final finishing touch. The blazer does seem to have a luxurious shine to it.




Instagram: @magic_fox


This look is very clean, casual and still professional. The combo of the brown leather bag adds a real professional touch to this look.


This white and black combo is a classic look and can look good anywhere, be it at work, at an event or if you are travelling. You may need to make sure you have a storage space for that bag though if you are going out πŸ˜‰





Instagram: @bilalgucluu


This very casual yet smart look speaks for itself. The camel coloured blazer has an earthy tone to it and is very much in trend right now.


Combined with black trousers and black shades, you are ready to have a day out drinking whisky and enjoying the finer things in life. Bilal proves that you don’t always need to wear a tie to look smart.





Instagram: @blakescott_


Blake shows us that you can team a pair of jeans and blazer and still pull it off. This outfit features a lot of blues and as we said before, blue makes a suit stand out.


This outfit can be very tricky because it is fusing both work and street style. The leather boots and briefcase plus blazer look very professional yet the casual shirt and jeans tell an onlooker that you are actually not going to office, but just know how to dress well. In order to pull this look off correctly, we would seriously advise you to follow Blake and ask him for any advice πŸ˜‰




Instagram: @louisnicolasdarbon


Our final and favourite look this week features Louis. Louis has teamed up a casual denim shirt with a camel colour blazer, a really cool bluish pocket square and white cotton jeans/trousers. We simply cannot get over this colour combination.


This look is great for a day out or on a yacht. It radiates high lifestyle. Given we are now in Spring, it is the perfect time to pull this look off.




We hope you enjoyed reading our blog about the best dressed men we have come across this week. We will be publishing these fashion posts weekly so be sure to follow us! Let us know if you come across any men who have some real style!