Best Dressed Gents this Week – April 15


This week we have seen some very unusual colours and patterns emerging in the outfits of some of the best dressed gentlemen. Could it be to do with the fact that spring has now sprung and our classy gents are feeling more adventurous? Check out our pick of the top ten best dressed gents here and let us know what you think!


  1. Instagram: @sammydkr

Let’s start with this instagrammer. Black and cream, one would think is a very safe colour combination, right? Wrong. Check out the blazer on this gent. This blazer comprises of these two very “safe” colours and yet is so statement, thanks to the stripes that it would take one hell of a man to pull this off. We can’t see how this can not turn heads. Pairing it with a black pocket square, white shirt and grey pants, this gent has just taken the colours black and cream to the next level.

Yup, the lesson to learn is that ever underestimate anything 😉




2. Instagram: @aristotelis.bolovinos


This look is perfect for the office. What we like about it is that it is not the classic navy blue suit that everyone seems to wear to work. It is crossed and checked with a lot of lines and this adds a real twist on the simple navy blue suit.

As a three piece suit with a silk pocket square and brown bag to match, this look is complete and it will definitely win you that deal.




3. Instagram: @linoieluzziofficial

Wow, it can’t get classier than this. Reminds us of “The Godfather” 😉 We love how this gent has teamed up his classic white blazer with blue trousers to get that cool and clean look. But have you seen the shoes?? Now that’s what we call style. These are the coolest men’ shoes that we have come across so far and we simply can’t get over the green and black combination. What’s more, Mr. Lino has managed to pull off these shoes with his smart suit.


It doesn’t end there. If you look carefully, he is holding one of the trendiest blue coats in his right hand. Yes, we believe a true gent’s style can only be learnt from the pros.




4. Instagram: @christopherkorey

Who closes the deal? This suit does. It cannot get any more professional than this.This look is perfect for the business executive who needs to be taken seriously. It also goes to show how a well-fitted suit can make any man look good. So be sure to invest in a bespoke suit if possible.

The classic big stripes blue blazer teamed with a squares tie makes quite the statement.




5. Instagram: @thesuitedtraveller_


How do you wear a beige suit? This is how. Beige has the ability to make one look very classy and elegant. It states luxury from miles away.

Keeping it simply with a blue tie and white pocket square enhances the style of this suit.  And the shoes are A+.




6. Instagram: @melikkam


Are you a creative? Or perhaps you are looking for a more casual look. Or maybe you are that trendy guy who wants to look smart and yet cool.

Yup, it’s official, trainers are actually a thing with suits now, so you may just have your dream look all sorted for you.

However, it can be tricky to pull off a look with a suit and trainers. Check out how this gent has combined the smart trousers, shirt and suspenders with trainers and a matching tie for inspiration. This is the definition of class and comfort.




7. Instagram: @marianodivaio

Just when you thought you had seen it all, this gent with an overload of purple rain turns up. Joking. This is by far the coolest blazer we have ever seen, and we wonder where he got it!

Teaming this blazer with a white shirt and greyish/brown chinos can make the perfect look for the weekend or a day out. You can be sure to get a lot of double-takes with this blazer.




8. Instagram: @mrvlstyle

The colour of this suit is just epic. This is another twist to the classic navy blue suit. Patterned with stripes and combined with brown shoes as this gent has done is sure to earn you the title of class.

We note that he might have worn a pocket watch as well. Dapper. Just dapper.




9. Instagram: @samwines_


What caught our eye with this gent is his gloves. These don’t seem to be the usual off the mill gloves, they are pretty trendy and Sam has just proved that it is possible to pull anything off with a suit, as long as it is done just right.


It is also all about the details and his lapel pin and pocket square are on point. When you have to wear a classic blue suit, the key is to accessorise.




10. @dhood84


Our final and favourite look is this one. Can you guess what caught our eye? No, not the car. It’s the tie. As we said, Spring has sprung and this tie is the perfect way to state that without saying anything. The colours are extremely vibrant  and if you are lucky, you may just have a matching car in the background 😉


Combined with this brown suit, the tie looks just right. He looks like he might be standing somewhere in Carlifonia so maybe that’s why the suit looks extra neat, but trust us, this look would look just as great on the streets of London. You could always hangout in Hyde Park 😉




Hope you have got a few style tips from these very stylish gentlemen. Let us know what you think!