6 Things Successful People Do on the Weekends


Successful people know that time off matters. Some of us envision that successful people work very hard and must work all weekends. Others envision that successful people are financially free and must spend all their weekends relaxing.

Actually, it’s a mix. One doesn’t become successful by just taking time off whenever they like and having fun. But one also needs time off to refresh and re-energise to be more productive and hence be more successful.

It’s a balancing act.


So we all agree that most successful people work during the week. But how do they spend their weekends?

Wake up Early, Pack in More

Surprise surprise. If you thought successful people sleep in on the weekend, think again.

A successful person knows the value of time. They know that the earlier they wake up, the more they can pack in.

They know that the early morning hours are the best hours of the day to get a lot done.

Most successful people do have a set morning routine that they follow pretty much everyday, be it a Monday or a Saturday.

Wake up, meditate/yoga/go for a run or go to the gym. The most important thing is fitness and mindfulness. Start your day right.

Successful people (depending on what they do) also need to be on top of work especially if they run a business, regardless of whether it is a weekend or not. Get that work done in the early morning hours.

Exercise in, work under control, now it’s time to unwind and relax.

Essentially, work hard and play hard. Who says you need to spend the whole day relaxing (and then feel guilty about not working) or you need to spend the whole day working (and then feel guilty about not relaxing)?

Successful people do know the value of good sleep and so will ensure they get 6-8 hours of sleep. If they are waking up early, they’ll most certainly go to bed early too. Do not be fooled by the night owls who wake up early – there are only so many days they can carry on with this lifestyle before they crash.

The motto is early to bed, early to rise.

Spend time with Family

For successful people, family is very important.

Successful people work hard. They need to put in the time during the week to achieve. There may not be enough time for family then.

It’s easy to get caught up in work, distance yourself from your family and then realise what you’ve lost once it’s too late.

Successful people know the value of family relationships. Putting aside time on the weekends allows successful people to re-connect with their family, catch up and keep those relations strong.

After all, what is life without your family? What is life without love? If you neglect work and fail, you can always re-bound. However, if you neglect your family because of work, you may lose those relationships forever.

Family time is important to get away from it all and refresh your mind too.

Pursue your passion

Successful people are wary of time. They know that life is short.

If there’s something you want to learn, just do it.

Successful people ensure their weekends are packed with things they enjoy doing. A weekend will never go wasted.

Whether it is practising your golf skills, learning horse-riding, learning water sports, learning to fly planes, a weekend trip abroad, reading books or even just relaxing by the beach having a beer, they’ll pack it in.

Working hard all week and then having a fun-packed weekend relaxing or learning skills makes that week worthwhile.

For successful people, it’s all about progressing whether it is to do with work, skills or mindfulness.

Reconnect with your social bubble

Successful people make time for their friends.

Successful people will normally spend time with other successful people. They say you are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with.

Successful people know that meeting up with other successful friends isn’t just about having fun, it’s also about exchanging ideas, innovating and keeping on top of the latest money making investments.

Such conversations can fuel creativity and help successful people to find new avenues of generating income.

But it isn’t always about income either. It’s also about moral support and motivation.

Only fellow successful friends can motivate you, create that accountability and push you in the right direction of your goals. This sort of support bubble is very important for a successful person for continued motivation and inspiration.

Get away from it all

Successful people will consciously make time to get away from it all.

Successful people may put their phones down and take a detox for a few hours to a full day.

Successful people may spend time out in nature, appreciating the vastness and beauty of the natural creation.

Successful people may volunteer and give back to those less fortunate.

All these things enable a successful person to live for today, appreciate the true nature of life, be grateful for what they have, help others and achieve a sense of meaning.

Successful people know there’s more to life than just being successful and making money. They will make time to enjoy and appreciate those things.

Prep for the week ahead

A successful person will most likely enjoy what they do.

The weekend is the perfect time to prep for the week ahead.

So you thought the weekend is just for time off?

Yes and No.

Un-winding and relaxing is very important but a successful person knows that consistency is key.

Prepping for the week ahead ensures that the next week is not wasted procrastinating.

Furthermore, the best time to plan the week ahead is when one is relaxing. It is the best time to let ideas flow, innovate and plan on how best to tackle them.

6 things successful people do on the weekend


As you can see from above, you may realise that successful people have a very different lifestyle to those that follow the crowd.

  • The morning routine is pretty much set – wake up early, fitness and mindfulness
  • Family comes first on the weekends even though work takes precedence during the week
  • Living life to the max whilst pursuing your passions is mandatory
  • Relaxing and unwinding is essential for productivity
  • Connect with other successful people for continued success
  • Constant motivation and having a support bubble is important
  • Detox and get away from it all – whether it is social media or work emails
  • Spend time in nature
  • Give back to those less privileged
  • Prep for the week ahead


Whilst doing these things may not make you successful, it will certainly implement the right habits and put you on track to achieve some progress in your work and personal life. And when you do become successful, your weekend habits will be just right.