Best dressed gents this week – 26 April


Check out our favourites in mens fashion this week:

  1. Insta: @christopherkorey





This gent is becoming one of our men’s style favourites. His style is just impeccable. In sharp contrast to last week, Christopher has worn a patterned blazer this week. We love how he has matched a checked blazer with a polka dot tie. His pocket square also matches his shirt and has such a cool contrast to his bold blazer. It can be quite tricky to wear patterned blazers – they are more of a risk than one colour bold blazers. However, Chris has managed to pull this off perfectly!


2. Insta: @shaunbirley





This gent is taking patterns to the next level! Both his blazer and trousers are check patterned which is a very difficult look to pull off. We love how Shaun has matched his suit with brown shoes. Keeping this look casual without a tie has also worked out quite well but perhaps adding a pocket square would have made this look 100%? Either way, hats off to Shaun for this style inspiration. His blazer buttons and style is on point.


3. Insta: @melikkam





This gent’s style caught our attention because of the bright bold blazer which has a really nice and unusual colour. The brown contrasts perfectly with both the striped blue shirt and white trousers. This is an awesome casual look sure to turn heads. We are also digging the perfectly matching shades! 😉


4. Insta: @drhalilcoskun




There is a recent men’s style trend of mixing up the smart suit with casual wear such as trainers, and for the first time we have seen a gent match up a blazer with ripped jeans. Hats off to this gent. Whether this works or not is a matter of personal choice, but this is definitely uping the smart casual game. We absolutely adore the blue blazer with the four button detail and the patterned pocket square that has been added to this look.


5. Insta: @lyleroblin




We feel this is a great look for that casual day out on the island or yacht. 😉 The bold red blazer adds a bright touch to the clean white shirt and trouser look. There’s not much more you need to do. The red blazer says all that needs to be said.


6. Insta: @thedapperjuan






This is such a great look for the office. The checked shirt adds a new twist to the plain white shirts and the grey blazer contrasts perfectly with the shirt. The attention to detail is on point. You’ll note that the pocket square perfectly compliments the tie shirt and blazer. The tie pin completes this look. All in all, this gent gets an A* from us.


7. Insta: @thedetaildevil





This week, several gents appear to have taken the plunge and styled checked blazers. That’s something we noticed. Could it be the weather? Once again, this gent has styled the checked blazer perfectly with a pink pocket square that matches his shirt and blazer perfectly. It can be challenging to pull off the colour pink, however, the gent above has done this very nicely. Do take notes.


8. Insta: @michaelpandullo





Ah, the classic grey look. This all grey, everything grey look is completely on point. Once you have worn a 3 piece suit, there is simply no way to make the suit look better. It is simply perfect. A 3 piece suit has a certain air of class to it like none other. Complimenting this with a bold polka dot tie and paisley pocket square makes this gent look sharp. Oh , the watch is a great addition too.


9. Insta: @danielere





Here we go again with patterned suits. What did we tell you? This gent has been unusually stylish and has opted for a mega checked suit. Keeping the shirt and pocket square simple ensures this look is not too busy. The blue satin polka dot tie is a nice contrast and goes well with this look. This look would be great at a party/event.


10. Insta: @__sanch





This has got to be our favourite look this week because of the unusual red colour palette used and the contrasts. The blazer has a nice reddish-maroon colour, which a matt look. It is patterned but in a very subtle manner. Contrasting this with grey trousers and a white shirt makes this outfit outstanding. The red polka dot tie is a great addition and we love how this gent has made use of the colour blue by throwing it in with the pocket square. Red and blue are complimentary colours too.


This week has shown us some great looks mainly with patterned suits and we hope this has provided you with some style inspiration on how to style such patterns. Feel free to leave your comments, we would be very happy to hear from you!